How Mateverse is transforming business and education around the world, according to Drs. Yasam Avayefe

One of the methods of technology, which is gaining popularity, is virtual reality education. Dr. Avayefe agrees that this is the next big thing in combining technology with the educational process and many areas that can improve our lives.

Metaverse is a virtual open space, enhancing physical and digital reality. In this open space, activities take place in a virtual experience, such as buying digital land and building virtual homes. Metaverse technology is in its infancy; However, the leader of technological innovation Dr. Yasam Ayavefe identifies, explores and tracks new technologies that help develop new products. Metaverse is a revolutionary technology whose impact can be a driving force for business innovation.

“Our attention should be drawn to the growing importance of virtual reality in many companies. As we can see, online and distance learning have become very common in today’s digital age. Many changes have taken place together. in educational process technology.

Dr. Avayefe is strong about this revolutionary technology, considering that the Metaverse encompasses and enhances many forms of business and education. He has always been at the forefront of technology; his knowledge is broad, interesting and worthwhile. His vision of developments through innovation instills the certainty that lives will be transformed.

“Virtual reality can greatly enhance education by providing children with new and interesting experiences that are unimaginable. Virtual experiences like VR, in my opinion, have the potential to engage and inspire young people in truly unique and engaging ways. For example, imagine if we created a virtual reality experience that would teach students about the devastating effects of climate change. They may be more nature -conscious people than we are.

Dr. Yasam Ayavefe can only be described as an optimistic visionary who is always trying to improve our world globally. Of course, this includes interesting initiatives from the modern Metaverse. He is convinced that this is the next development for the future, and his vision of the value of development in our world is remarkable.

Dr Avavefe says: “With the Metaverse, people will be able to interact in ways that were previously only viewed in science fiction movies. It will undoubtedly change the way we go. uSE Internet soon. I believe Metaverse will come out as the next technology development.

Intrigued by his words, wealth of knowledge and experience, the wisdom of Dr. Ayavefe should definitely be used by new innovators because he is already established. In addition, with a strong foundation in higher education, being known as an internationally renowned businessman, founder and chairman of Milaya Capital Limited, we can learn endlessly from him on many important topics. such as technology, finance, climate change and education.

We dig deep into the Metaverse to raise awareness of a unique person like Dr. Ayavefe. However, this is only an opportunity to learn from him, and we look forward to many open doors to speak, as he quickly becomes a leader, expressing the experience that everyone will work to improve our planet.

It will be interesting to learn about the Metaverse from an experienced person; you have to be careful not to be persuaded that you want to consume every word he says. The Metaverse and its collective virtual space are unique. Not only do we have the ability to build, but we also have the ability to purchase outfits and accessories for avatars online, shop in virtual malls through immersive commerce, virtual classroom settings that instill immersive learning -on, buying digital art and digital interaction. people, which can greatly benefit businesses. Digital businesses have the unique ability to onboard employees, serve customers, improve sales, and all aspects of business interaction. Metaverse will provide opportunities in the digital world like no other technology today with digital knowledge to do.

His focus on students of all ages to receive an education through virtual reality and his belief that the Metaverse will change many important aspects around the world is remarkable. We thank Dr. Yasam Ayavefe for her impressive wisdom and for sharing her insights to develop a better world for all of us.

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