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While the Gamecube was released 20 years ago in Europe, it’s time to go back to the cult games on this console like no other.

the May 3, 2002, a new Nintendo console is pointing the tip of its nose at Europe. Despite a relatively embarrassing success, players are far from doubting that it will bring about a game that will remain a cult, even 20 years later.

With a cubic design adorned with a handle so it can be taken anywhere and played with local friends, this console struggles to find its audience, but nonetheless it has marked many players over the years. Its controller with a particular design can even set itself as the ideal controller for the pros of Super Smash Bros. and copied by Nintendo with each new edition of the fight game. Thus, there is no need to prove the impact of this Nintendo console and its products since then.

However, it is important to celebrate titles from that time that were played and repeated 20 years ago by players around the world. Here is our selection of memorable Gamecube productions that will shape Nintendo’s future:

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Obviously, the first game on this list should be this Zelda loved by fans. With an attractive style and an open world game based on maritime navigation, this title has impressed fans for many years. With test scores up to 10/10 and 20/20, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker together, and still.

With a cast of attractive characters, a shocking story throughout and smooth and satisfying gameplay, this game is still one of the best in the series, justifying its remaster on the Wii U in 2013. We’re still waiting for its arrival on Switch will be able to take this cult adventure anywhere.

Super Smash Bros. Continued

If the series Super Smash Bros. for so popular now, thanks to Super Smash Bros. Link. Regarded by professional players as the most sought after and sophisticated title, it still remains the center of competitions even 20 years later. There wasn’t even a single match Smash Bros. after one that has not been compared to this version.

fight also offers aerial gameplay, and Crush the Wii U and 3DS still not up to par. Single Super Smash Bros. end to be able to get as close as possible to the quality of Continued with content from all previous games. Even if the game starts to age, nothing beats the tension of a Fox vs. Marth game in this Gamecube version of Nintendo’s cult game.

Super Mario Sunshine

Sometimes criticized for the quality of its controls, Super Mario Sunshine remains a fun and colorful platform game. Taking place on Delphino Island, a paradise place in Mario’s universe, the vacation of the plumber and Princess Peach quickly became a dream.

An evil double of our hero covers the island with a strange paint, and Mario finds himself accused of all evil. He is determined to clean the island down to its smallest corner with the help of his new friend, the JET robot that allows him to push water to clean up and serve as a jetpack. This Mario game will influence the future of platform games, and more so Super Mario Galaxy which includes many Gamecube game elements in its structure.

Mario Kart Double Dash

It is impossible not to quote the stage of Mario Kart in the most original gameplay. As Nintendo’s racing game series tries to transform itself with each installment, Mario Kart Double Dash will remain the one that identifies the most atypical mechanic.

The possibility of driving your kart with two people in the company of another player adds a new dimension to the racing game and brings a wave of much-needed innovation. The co-op and shared car controls guarantee a lot of fun!

Role Mario: The Gates of the Millennium

We end this selection of the best Mario RPG in the entire series. In the middle of the saga Mario RPG, Paper Mario and Mario and Luigithe mustachioed plumber’s universe captured in the role-playing game will always stand out, but this Gamecube episode remains the perfection of the thing.

Nothing to say about the game, the story makes us want to move on again, the characters are attractive and the graphics are beautiful. Paper Mario doing his magic more powerfully here. If you haven’t tried this title yet, keep your eyes closed and enjoy this fun and funny RPG.

Honorable mentions

Of course, it is impossible for us to name all the cult games Gamecube, and some remain outside of this selection. The console is especially entitled to its share of relatively niche titles that struggle to identify themselves, and that deserve more recognition. We think especially of Star Fox Adventures, Baten Kaitos, Chibi Robot or Kirby Air ride to recite none other than them.

And you, what are the Gamecube games that impress you the most? In any case, we hope to find the catalog of this console on the Nintendo Switch Online subscription after the Gameboy Advance games.

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