Gers: He recounts his toxic relationship with a narcissistic pervert

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Gersoise Mathilde Pérez recounts in a book her relationship with a narcissistic pervert, and her restraint on him when he left adolescence. His writing helped him turn the page, while raising awareness of this situation.

Mathilde Pérez did not choose an easy story to tell for her first book. Also, the 22-year-old girl didn’t choose her story, because she lived it. Her story, A psychic homicide, recounts her first love at the end of adolescence, and the descent into hell when this preferred partner turns out to be a narcissistic pervert.

“We had a long relationship, in pieces and pieces,” Gersoise said. At first, it wasn’t good: he saw in me something that others didn’t see. “But it’s easy, jealousy and violence settled in their couple. “I want to end it all. But every time I break up, harassment, he writes to other people with the knowledge that his name will come back to me at some point.”

The story, I have lived, my pain I put in this book

Meanwhile, Mathilde wrote the words of the man she called “Joe” on her phone. “He told me I was crazy, at that point I believed what he told me. When I reread those notes a few days later, I told myself it was not normal to say such things. What’s crazy is that I don’t think he knows what he’s doing. Until last night he told me he was totally aware of what he was doing, game for him. These notes became the record of an influence that focused the book.

“I Understood the Fear”

“While I was with her, I was looking for testimonials from women who had been through it, trying to figure out what I really was. I knew what I was going through was not normal, he said. There is a shortage of books where women tell exactly what happened. If he leaves “Joe” for good at the start of 2021, he takes back his notes and decides to make a book of it, with the aim of raising awareness and helping with awareness.

With complete freedom of speech, the young woman felt that her testimony could help others. “I understand the fear, and I understand the beaten women, why they are afraid to leave,” she said. The question I ask is: Why haven’t you left before? It’s so hard to imagine that someone you think is so good could be bad at the same time. »

“I took back my life and my story”

This outstretched hand was seized: a month after the book’s release, he had already received a hundred messages from readers. “This is my purpose, I’m waiting for a woman to tell me: It opens my eyes, the author explained. I don’t want to feel sorry, I prefer to transmit. I, the story, I’m alive, my pain I put in this book. »

He needed a year to write. “It’s not so hard to put on paper, I write it down like writing a diary,” he said, pausing. Just … I still have family reading this, co -workers, friends, people who don’t know me … I was scared at first, but everything I said was brave, so I lost my worries. »

Writing allows him to retreat to his own story, to better turn the page. “I write to the second person the whole time I’m in this relationship, because I feel like I’m not, writing allows me to make a difference between when I’m with him and when I’m gone. From January 2021, I wrote again to myself: I have regained my life and my story. »

Desires to write

Today, Mathilde Pérez has cut off all her contact with her former partner, who harassed her for a year after their breakup. “If Joe reads this book, he’ll turn things around. Of these personalities, there is no doubt. “He benefited from a psychological follow-up, and collected enough evidence for his story to have a legal consequence.

By turning this page, he continues to write wishes. “I have ideas all the time! I want to draw inspiration from my personal stories to address many topics that are not sufficiently discussed. “With always this desire to allow knowledge.

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