all about their relationship of almost 30 years

Florent Pagny allowed Anggun to work in France

It is not we who say it, but he. On RFM’s microphone the beautiful singer and actress revealed this: “CFlorent Pagny introduced me to France. I arrived in France in 1995, I met him and he introduced me to his team“. Since that date, and despite the success of one, like the other, they have still been in touch and happily met: ” Since then, we have been in constant contact. When we meet again on TV sets, we will be happy“.

The singer did not hesitate to describe Florent Pagny as a friend ” honest and loyal“. If they are the same as each other in person, they are also the same in wavelength from an artistic point of view. This is why he called her in 2015, while working on his album Toujours un Ailleurs. : “ One day, there was this song written by Frédéric Château, who was with me to make my album. I think this song is nice, but it’s nice to do a duet“. Florent Pagny accepted his proposal and they immediately recorded a clip to promote the song titled Our parallel lives.

Anggun supports her friend in her fight against the disease

The singer wants people to realize what qualities she finds in someone she considers her teacher. He understands, moreover, why it is valued by the public: ” Not for nothing is he one of the favorite French personalities“. Also with great emotion the French were precisely aware of the sad news shared by Florent Pagny himself.

In fact, the singer was told on Instagram, in a short video, that his 60th birthday tour should be canceled. He doesn’t do it for fun, especially after being deprived of the stage for covid 19. He really has a good reason: “ I was recently diagnosed with a lung tumor, a less sympathetic cancerous tumor that cannot be operated on. “he said on social networks. If the news is worrying, the singer of My freedom of thought remains even more optimistic:” be careful, be careful, when everything is resolved, we will meet again, I will come and finish what I started, maybe for the 61st birthday tour. “.

Anggun supports her friend in this hardship and hopes that she can overcome this illness, being able to return on stage to face her audience who are impatiently waiting for her. Since the announcement of his illness, the singer began his chemotherapy treatment.

The problem with The Voice

The Voice’s blind audition episodes are now aired, which then gives way to episodes dedicated to the wars. These episodes are all pre -recorded. Direct ones will only take place in the final stages, those where the final candidates will sing individually. Despite the illness (which he became aware of during the filming), the coach intends to continue the adventure and not leave his red chair. But cancer treatments are heavy. The production immediately wondered if he could go on set to secure his role.

Patrick Fiori could have been contacted to act once Florent Pagny is unable to perform his duties as coach. No one wants that to happen, but the production has to think about this plan B so that the live stages aren’t improvised at the last minute.

Florent Pagny in any case can count on the support of his colleagues. Especially since he learned the news of his illness during the filming, as Amel Bent revealed: “ He is with us of course. Pretty moving… Because it really wasn’t that easy. But what I do remember is that my friend Florent Pagny was a warrior“.

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