Spotify Just Enters the Metaverse, With the Official Launch of Roblox

Spotify has officially launched a virtual presence on the Roblox children’s gaming platform.

In doing so, the company says it is the first music streaming brand to have a presence with Roblox and marks its official entry into the metaverse.

Roblox’s Spotify presence is called “Spotify Island,” which it calls “a haven of sound where fans and artists from around the world come together.”

Daniel Ek’s company explains that through this interactive world, it plans to “create a place where fans can connect and create new sounds together, hang out in digital spaces, and access exclusive virtual sales. “

The official launch of Spotify on Roblox comes amid an incentive to recruit the company’s Web3 experts.

The company recently recruited a senior backend engineer to work on a team “responsible for growth through new technologies, such as Web3”.

According to this job posting, Spotify is specifically looking for people who can “create new experiences to improve connections with young audiences.”

In Q3 2021, Roblox reported that users between the ages of 17 and 24 were the fastest growing age bracket. In Q4 2021, Roblox reported 51.7% of its platform users were 13 years old and up.

Spotify says Roblox players visiting Spotify Island can now “interact with artists, complete interactive searches, and unlock exclusive content.”

These users will also be able to create music and explore sounds on virtual beatmaker stations powered by Soundtrap.

The streaming company also says Roblox users have the ability to collect points to climb high on ‘The Charts’, in addition to collecting a heart-shaped ‘Like’ icon, which can be exchanged of merch. .

Spotify says these platform games will allow fans to interact with its brand “in a whole new way”.

“This launch just scratches the surface when it comes to the ways users can experience Spotify Island on Roblox.”


Elsewhere, as part of the announcement, Spotify says Roblox players will be able to “break up” Spotify’s main island into islands with a “live year-round” theme.

These themed virtual destinations feature exclusive content, artist interactions, and have themed “mini-quests” designed, according to SPOT, “for superfans and curious explorers.” Spotify’s first Island experience was K-Pop themed K-Park.

Scheduled to launch later this spring, Spotfiy said K-Park will give fans a chance to mingle with the superstars stray children and SUNMI.

“This launch only hurts the face when it comes to the ways users can experience Spotify Island on Roblox,” Spotify said in its blog post.

Today’s news sees Roblox getting even closer to the music industry, following deals made last year with BMG (June), Sony Music Entertainment (July), National Music Publishers Association in September, and producer Electric Daisy Carnival Insomniac in October.

In January 2021, Warner Music Group participated in a $ 520 million Series H investment round with Roblox owner Roblox Corporation and reportedly invested an eight-figure amount in the company.

In addition, Roblox serves as a platform for virtual performances by artists such as Lil Nas X, 21 Pilots, David Guetta (in partnership with WMG), and 24KGoldn, and also works with artists such as Zara Larsson and KSI .

Today’s launch also follows the announcement last month that Jonathan Vlassopulos will leave his role as Global Head of Music at Roblox at the end of April.

Vlassopulos said he will remain as a platform consultant after his departure, to “help Roblox continue to implement its musical strategy.”

According to results released last week, Spotify’s global subscribers have increased and 2 million quarter-on-quarter in Q1 2022, increased by 182 million subscribers worldwide. That’s up from the company’s 180 million subscribers by the end of 2021.

Spotify’s Global Monthly Active Users (MAU) Hit 422 million at the end of the quarter, upwards 16 million quarter to quarter.The music industry around the world

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