Sami Chalgou’s ‘Cross The Ages’ consists of 7 novels and may be the most versatile piece in metaverse fantasy.

The Metaverse is the biggest thing in the world that most people don’t pay attention to. How do you find your way there, why do you go and what do you do when you find it? For many people, games are what take them into the metaverse and give them a reason to come back. We spoke with Sam Chlagou, Creator of Crossing Time about the game, fantasy, and metaverse.

Daily Grit: For those who don’t already know, what are some of the game titles you’ve made for Nintendo and XBOX?

Sami Chlagou: Guns of Mercy (1 million downloads); Finding Teddy (700,000 downloads); Andro Dunos II (rated 9/10 by Forbes and special media like Nintendolife) and Okinawa Rush.

Daily Grit: What is behind the name Cross the Ages?

Sami Chlagou: The name is “A Bridge for Civilization” between the physical world and the metaverse.

It is also “a bridge” between Cross the Ages Fantasy and the history of science fiction. The universe of Cross the Ages tells the story of two different worlds. One world, Arkhante and the other Mantris are both hosted on the continent of Artellium, but each civilization is very different.

The Cross the Ages project wants to create “nostalgia”. Let’s go back to the card games of our childhood and move on.

Daily Grit: Should you spend (about) the 12 million dollars you’ve accumulated so far? And if so, what?

Sami Chlagou: We are very excited to continue to grow the Cross the Ages ecosystem and our team of talented artists, developers, designers, and writers. To this end, we plan to use the funds collected to expand our strong growth program, retain our current talent and implement activities that will go to market for CTA. We plan to launch our beta version of the game in May, with physical and digital maps launching in June and funds to help launch both games.

Daily Grit: What exactly does it mean to “enter the metaverse” (in your case in 2023)?

Sami Chlagou: If you ask five people to find out what Metaverse is and how to get into it, you get five different answers. The best way to begin exploring the unique cases and capabilities of its use is to understand the difference between the current restoration, Web2, and the future of the Internet, Web3. Web2 connects brands, people and organizations to others around the world and removes communication barriers. Metaverse and the next phase of Web3 take these connections a step further and encourage real ownership of data, identities and assets in a virtual world – in essence, the integration of physical and digital worlds can be reached through the metaverse.

Daily Grit: Want to know mentally how relevant the separation between mobile and desktop is these days?

Sami Chlagou: We have a mobile version and a desktop version of the Cross The Ages game. The reason we wanted to focus on releasing the mobile version of the game in the first place was because of some obvious advantages of PC games: like the handheld; economy; accessible; no additional development kit requirements; Available on all devices, both Android and iOS and low barrier to entry for indie developers. More importantly, mobile gaming has already surpassed the share of the PC gaming market by 2022.

Each game in The CTA is 5 minutes long, and the mobile version fits this design perfectly.

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