Remington Omniblade HG5000 Multi-Pro review: the ally of beard sculptors


Out of the box – after a few minutes of struggling to get the plastic gangue – the Remington Omniblade HG5000 left a good first impression. In fact, the main body where the various heads are pierced is made of brushed metal with the most beautiful effect. The textured part – which should improve Omniblade’s grip when wet – carries even a small cachet.

A familiar form ...

A familiar form …

This sense of product quality is reinforced by the weight of the Remington Omniblade, which weighs in at more than 100 grams (107 g exactly), avoiding the toy effect felt on lighter devices. Note that using it will not suffer in the slightest from this slight excess weight as it is perfectly distributed throughout the razor. The balance is perfect and you can easily turn your head in any direction without the impression that it will fall out of your hands.

However, not everything is perfect and the location of the main switch could be better considered. Basically, to activate the Omniblade, you need to return a ring placed on the base of the razor. And if that doesn’t sound like much, we immediately curse this idea of ​​full shaving, if we want to turn off the machine to pass it underwater to get the cut hairs, for example. A button or a slider that falls under the thumb is, in our opinion, more practical.

The power ring surrounds the charging socket.

The power ring surrounds the charging socket.

Another complaint, witness autonomy deserves little attention. It consists of 3 diodes placed vertically illuminating each other until charging is complete. When the Omniblade is working, all the leds light up sequentially from top to bottom and from bottom to top. Finally, if only one diode is on, there is no 5 minutes of battery life left. It all lacks precision – which is not so unique in the world of razors -, but also simplicity – which is more.

The Omniblade we tested was given to us in its HG5000 Multi-Pro version, the most accessorized in the Remington catalog. In addition to the Omniblade body and blade, the box has three other heads: a precision trimmer (for removing unwanted hair in the nostrils and ears), a body trimmer (shaped like a chainsaw) and a face brush. To this I added several shoes for each head cut, including a precision guide, adjustable from 0.5 to 5 mm.

The Omnibalde HG5000 Multi-Pro version of it comes with many accessories.

The Omnibalde HG5000 Multi-Pro version of it comes with many accessories.

In addition, Remington provides a soft pouch for transportation and a charging cable to plug into a USB outlet. Unfortunately, the format of the shaver side plug is not common and this cord should not be used for anything other than Omniblade. We would have liked Remington to go ahead and offer a USB Type C socket to extend Omniblade compatibility and avoid the environmental impact of a proprietary cable.

One basic end, the other much less.

One basic end, the other much less.

If the various accessories are as complete, it still lacks, in our opinion, a small brush to clean the Omniblade after use. Going under running water is not enough to remove all the remaining hair from the blade.

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5


Like the same manufacturer of the Power-X Series X6 HC6000 trimmer, the Omniblade’s blades are sharp enough to provide a clean, clean cut, even on typically thick, hard-cut beard hair. Note that it has a long life because Remington recommends changing it every 5 years. For comparison, the OneBlade head needs to be replaced 3 times a year.

The 10 cent coin allows you to better understand the size of the razor.

The 10 cent coin allows you to better understand the size of the razor.

The small size of the Omniblade and the tightness of its blades give it unmatched maneuverability. It goes anywhere with ease even with the philtrum, the space between the bottom of the nose and the top of the lips, a narrow zone therefore, and is difficult to treat effectively. Of course, it is necessary to avoid placing a guide on the Omniblade blade to maintain this agility. The other side of the coin is that the Omniblade cannot be used to scrape large parts of the skull even if, technically, it is still possible.

The Omniblade and its head for the body.

The Omniblade and its head for the body.

For conscience, we also tried more blades. The small precise tool for removing hair from the most inaccessible areas has proven to be more effective. It’s tight enough to go anywhere and sharp not to pull the hair instead of cutting it-which can be painful in these dangerous areas. The blades for shaving the body are reminiscent of the Panasonic ER-GY60-H straight razor, except that they are placed around the holder. With a little flexibility in the wrist, you can easily reach all parts of the body. Once again, it was very hard to criticize him for anything about pure and hard wounds.

Strong points

  • Well finished product.

  • Perfect size for trimming and trimming the beard.

  • Life of the blade.

Weak points

  • Very limited field of action with no accessories.

  • Complicated deep cleaning.

  • Proprietary format of the provided USB cable


Global brand

Editor's Rating: 3 out of 5

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Due to its particular architecture, the Remington Omniblade razor will provide complete satisfaction to bearded men who want to effectively maintain their facial hair. They will find there a model whose blades they can no longer change every four mornings, cutting hair without firing and agile enough to penetrate into the smallest corners thanks to a reduction in format that, inevitably, is not. facilitate its cleaning. On the other hand, those who want to use it for another purpose can go their way, unless they go for an accessorized version, like this restoration stamped on the HG5000 Multi-Pro.

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