New Clarivate Report Reveals Dynamic Global Trademark Landscape, With Metaverse and NFT Trends Increasingly Driving Trademark Filing Activity

Technological advances in the virtual world continue to impact how intellectual property is created, managed and protected.

LONDON, May 3, 2022 / PRNewswire/-Clarivate Plc (NYSE: CLVT), a global leader in providing insights and reliable insights to accelerate the flow of innovation, today announced a new report, Navigating the changing brand landscape: discovering trends, challenges and opportunities through the lens of IP intelligence. According to the report, developments in the virtual world – the emergence of cryptocurrency, the rise of the metaverse, and the growing popularity of non -fungible tokens (NFTs) – have helped push. Nice class 9 (technology, hardware and software) filings from third place in 2011 to second at the end of 2021.

Since the first US trademark application for NFTs was filed on August 2018, applications for associated trademarks increased by more than 9,000% and those for virtual goods or services increased by 250% by 2021, according to Clarivate trademark research data ™. Brands in Louis Vuitton1 and Dolce and Gabbana, of Coca-Cola2 and even the Australian Tennis Open,3 experimenting with NFTs.

The report also finds that despite continuing socio-economic uncertainty, global trademark filing activity has grown worldwide over the past 10 years.and consecutive years. However, there is one notable exception to the overall increase in Class 10 trademark filing activity (medical and diagnostic devices), which fell 22% last year. This suggests that disruption of commercial activity in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for masks or face masks and other personal protective equipment, may have violated its height.

Robert ReadingClarivate’s Chief Content Strategist, said, “We live in a digital, hyperconnected and technologically advanced world where trends such as NFTs and the metaverse present two unprecedented opportunities and challenges for creativity, management and protection of intellectual property.Through the lens of brand research, brands and organizations can better understand how to make business and brand decisions with confidence in a rapidly changing landscape in the brand.

Other key findings of the report include:

  • U.S. trademark applications for NFTs almost seven -fold in the first two months of 2022.
  • Interest in the metaverse has led to a significant increase in queries using the term “Meta” and those for trademarks containing “virtual goods/services”.
  • Continent China continues to drive global trademark filing activity and accounted for nearly 70% of global trademark filing activity by 2021, followed by United States (5%), India (3%), Brazil (3%) and South Korea (2%).
  • Mainland Chinese companies continue to dominate the list of top filers in multiple registers, accounting for five of the top ten filers-Xiaomi, TencentAlibaba, Huawei and Zhejiang Geely.
  • Nice class 35 (retail, advertising, marketing and business services) will dominate Mainland China in 2021, following the global trend. The alcoholic beverage sector in Mainland China saw a strong growth in trademark filings, with Class 33 (alcoholic beverages excluding beer) seeing a 34% increase and Class 32 (beer and softdrinks) increased 13% in 2021.
  • Despite a strong start and record year for the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the number of filings will continue to decline throughout 2021.
  • Continent China is the source of 28% of all trademark applications filed by the USPTO in 2021, an increase of 4% from the previous year. In contrast, trademark inquiries from U.S. addresses fell 3% in 2021.
  • The UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) is the fastest growing major trademark registry, growing 31% in 2020 and 38% in 2021.
  • South Korea ranked the top five IP offices in the world, highlighting its importance on the global IP stage. The trademark filing activity of the Korea Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) continued to grow and recorded a double-digit year-on-year increase in the number of filings between 2019 and 2021.

The Reading concluded: “Companies continue to face some of the most difficult business conditions today. It is more difficult to make informed brand decisions with confidence and speed to drive growth and growth.At Clarivate, we empower businesses with critical information and intellectual property management solutions to help them build and protect their most critical asset – their brand.In a world where businesses are. organizations operating in a borderless, more competitive and more online marketplace, maintaining and protecting unique and valuable brand identities can be even more critical to business success.

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