his confession about his relationship with his father… almost unnoticed!

Amel Bent, Vianney, Florent Pagny and Marc Lavoine brought their teams to experience the second big night of Cross Battles of The Voice. The night of April 30 on TF1 was particularly electric. However, there is no question of covering up the emotions of the coaches, on the contrary. This emotion, the public soaks it up to decide what talent they want to keep, thanks to their votes. But at one point in the night, Amel Bent experienced more personal emotions than others.

In fact, more than touched by the performance of one of the talents The Voice, he recognizes part of his personal history in the lyrics of a song. Secretly, he told Vianney. It may go unnoticed by those who enjoy the competition a lot tea voice . That is Objeko offers you, like our colleagues from the magazine More closeto return to this wise saying by Amel Bent.

Amel Bent rekindles his relationship with his father, who is very wary of TF1

As the coaches of The Voice, the nights of Cross Battles are a real game of chess. So you need to be more focused to avoid losing your team’s talents to other coaches. At the end of the first night, Florent Pagny did his best. Then came Amel Bent then Marc Lavoine. In the end, Vianney and her talents survived the toughest nights. And in turn in this new era of The Voicewithout telling you about the results of the competition, the singer and coach are therefore cautiously referring to his dad.

Like all coaches out there, Amel Bent couldn’t contain the emotion attacking him in front of shows of the talents of The Voice. But it’s in Matteo’s performanceObjekostill like his magazine colleagues More close, will catch your eye. In fact, he came to defend his place with the title “Don’t go” of singer Elsa. A title that evokes the departure of a father and that questions Vianney especially in Matteo’s personal history. So he asked Amel Bent if he knew if it was something of an experience for talent. And this may have gone unnoticed, but the singer replied: “I don’t know (if it’s his story, editor’s note) but in any case I have it. » Obviously this comment needs to be highlighted and focus on detail!

The coach of The Voice looked back at his wound to leave

For Amel Bent’s fans who don’t know, the singer’s mother really raised her. He was only 3 years old when his father left without looking back. “What hurt me at the time was that I didn’t know anything about my father. Nothing to know. I knew what he was doing, where he was, we were almost neighbors. But my father is special. »for example, Amel Bent explained to Manu Katché, a few years ago.

Then, he also meant that he couldn’t hate her, hate her. That he knew who his father was, that he did not know him. Objeko do not hide from you that Amel Bent has shown remarkable courage in approaching this dangerous subject. “She was an individual full of pain, full of guilt, who was not yet ready, I think, to get up. I wish I could hate her. Hate her because I could have seen her in love with another woman, or other children. .But that’s not how it happened. He couldn’t do anything in front of me, a little bit. When I saw him in the city, he was a little bit. And suddenly I did too, I said to myself: ‘The situation is weird.’ I don’t understand . »said the singer.

“When I saw my dad for the first time, years later, he didn’t know what to tell me and he just cried. I was uncomfortable in pain, in regret, in guilt when I saw his gaze. », added Amel Bent. So, in June 2021, he wrote a few words on Instagram to apologize to her. A forgiveness that gathers great for his father and for him and his loved ones. “You are not perfect. No one is perfect. If God forgives, then who am I to judge? Sometimes we do our best but we know, ‘the best is always the enemy of the good’. What I have learned in life is that the love of a daughter, a woman or a mother can change a man and heal him. I want to be that daughter, that wife, and that mother. »

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