Video games, stamps, impressions: we saw the NFT “revolution” on Paris NFT Day

We attended Paris NFT Day, a large gathering of companies and collectors organized in the capital on April 12. Reporting between futuristic metaverse projects, beer bottles and IRL tattoos.

There is a line on the Solid stand. The curious crowd watched the sticks bustling behind the stand and tried to follow the orders: since morning, they had received more than fifty. Solid is a single company: it prints NFT. And at the Paris NFT Day show, it’s a skill of particular interest.

NFTs (for non fungible token, or non-exchangeable tokens) became a rare event in just one year. These types of certificates of authenticity registered in the blockchain allow a real art market to flourish: the NFTs of some artists are sold for several millions of dollars, and the collections of tokens are acquired by price in astronomy. . But it’s not just the art community that is interested in NFTs.

Over the past year, all sorts of companies have taken advantage of the popularity of test tokens to develop products aimed at collectors. They met during Paris NFT Day, the French event for the crypto community, and despite the impressive price of tickets (200 euros for the cheapest), collectors and investors were there.

Solid’s stance on Paris NFT Day, some did not stop // Source: Aurore Gayte for Numerama

“If we have to close one day, our players will keep all their stuff”

Arthur, one of the co-founders of Solid, noticed the opportunity a year ago when early token sales numbers skyrocketed. ” We thought something had to be done, to allow buyers to actually see their NFTs “, he explained between the two orders. On the stand, the prints of Bored Ape Yacht Club (now the most famous NFTs) or Sorare footballer cards provide a real-life view of the files that usually stored only in the blockchain.

In order to print your NFTs, you must first prove that you are indeed the owner of it: there is no question of simply displaying an image without a certificate of authenticity. Then, the printing is done in the classic way, like a traditional jpeg file. We printed the token on paper, then put it in a press with an aluminum plate, and so on. In general, the operation only takes a few minutes, Arthur said. What about animated NFTs? “ We arranged for the owners to choose which route they wanted “, he said, like a screenshot taken while watching a movie. Despite a prohibited price (prints of 1m by 1m cost 600 euros), Solid’s project was a success: the orders are numerous, to the point where they seek to recruit to keep up with the flow of prints.

Video games, stamps, impressions: we saw the
In the Solid stand, NFT printing is good // Source: Aurore Gayte for Numerama

Solid’s success is not unique: the companies that gathered at the Palais Brogniart on April 12 for Paris NFT Day are proof that the cryptocurrency and NFT sectors are doing better, and that everyone wants a piece of the fortune at stake. . Whether it’s projects done by artists, or by crypto giants like Metamask wallet, Binance’s exchange platform, all the exhibition stands are full. In just over a year, non-tradable tokens have grown from a niche sector into a respected industry raising billions of dollars.

NFTs are the revolution “Said, convinced, Eryk, the founder of Legends of the Elyseuma card game that works very similar to Hearthstone – but there are more unusable tokens. ” Cards are NFTs, maps are NFTs … a lot of things in the game can be done. This aspect sets our game apart, because even if we have to close out one day, our players will keep all of their stuff.

He’s not the only one who believes that unsaleable tokens are more than just the images you buy: All NFT Day vendors and exhibitors offer futuristic uses. tokens. Offers a stand minter luxurious clothes to create virtual fashion shows, Partouche casino wants to “ creating a community of players thanks to NFTs, many video games boast their use of tokens…. Tattoo artists even want to bring their art to the metaverse.

Video games, stamps, impressions: we saw the
A visitor shows his NFT // Source: Aurore Gayte for Numerama

Who wants to get an NFT tattoo?

Now we offer fans to get stamps of unique pieces with a certificate of authenticity explained Jérémie, who runs the stand at Ethernaal, a company that offers NFT tattoos. ” But tomorrow, we want to move his stamps to our customers ’avatars in the metaverse. “Same story on the side of Mélissandre, who takes care of marketing a company that launches a collection of NFTs – and wants, in the long term, to allow its community to use it in a metaverse.

This is the great promise of NFTs: metaverse interoperability. Projects for the 3D virtual world, where people can change using virtual reality headsets, have been the center of attention since the announcement on Facebook. And eventually, in the metaverse, all sorts of things, outfits, or even avatars become NFTs – and that’s where their appeal is. Many companies are betting on offering NFTs in products that have not yet been used, but that, in the future, can be used in multiple metaverts, and will be sold indefinitely. The metaverses in question aren’t there yet, but for companies, it doesn’t matter: you have to be prepared.

Video games, stamps, impressions: we saw the
A tattoo board on the Ethernaal stand // Source: Aurore Gayte for Numerama

“The NFT community is utopian”

Video games, stamps, impressions: we saw the
French Ape Yacht Club beer // Source: Aurore Gayte for Numerama

The only stand that didn’t sell anything that day was also the one that had the most people all day: the one rented by the group of French-speaking owners at the Bored Ape Yacht Club-a very popular collection of NFTs. Called ” French Ape Yacht Club “, the group had about sixty people, totaling nearly 120” monkeys “.

They all had their first NFT just a year ago, and a lot of luck bought it monkey when they were not that »1,000 euros – today, BAYCs take in hundreds of thousands of euros. Now, instead of selling it, they want it let it thrive “, For example by creating a clothing brand, or by selling items with the image of their monkey-they are already distributing beers with their logo.

Above all, everyone strongly believes in cryptocurrencies, decentralization, and the fact that non-fungible tokens will actually change the idea of ​​ownership, Frenchie explained. ” I think that’s what unites the NFT community: we’re all pretty utopian. ”

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