Sète: the Days of Love unfolds the map of the gentle chapel in the upper district

The opening of this Histrions association-sponsored exhibit will take place on Thursday April 7 at 6:30 p.m.

In 2021, the health crisis gets even better with the Days of Love honoring Georges Brassens and his “Non-marriage proposal”. They will return in 2022, still on this theme, stronger and more needed than ever before, in the high district chapel from Friday April 8 to Sunday May 8. “Love is not clear these daysagrees with the president of the association’s organization, given all these disturbing events, but precisely he needed support. I did some research and Sète is one of the towns that has shed light on love for over 20 years and whatever the political side. We have always been supportive and that should also be said. ”

The man with the tube remained available through two acts, one of which, by Eloïse Coussy, was the first prize in the raffle (€ 2) organized by Histrions. Thirteen unique artists will be casting a love theme for this 21st edition accompanied by a whole host of events and a more structured program than usual, coming from yoga classes. of the heart chakra to a conference on “Why love is a joy” by a dictation.

The colorful and festive paintings of Georgette Georgette.

Among the exhibiting artists, some have ties to Sète. The Bhâ dit Hoô dit Béné dit Melle Bureau is housed in cellars in Saint-Raphaël and builds poetic and bright installations from small fragments of our daily lives. The street artist, Codex Urbanus, is the author of a fresco on the Chemin du Mas Rousson that was created as part of K Live. The chapel in the upper district, it features an anthology of imaginary animals of his choice. Chrsity Puertolas, he used his typo and his colors to criticize the “pathetic” war in Ukraine.

One of Elise Shootthelife’s drawings at the installation of bhâ dit Hoô dit béné di Mlle Bureau.

One of Elise Shootthelife’s drawings at the installation of bhâ dit Hoô dit béné di Mlle Bureau.

Let’s not forget the new Sétois David Chambard and Nathalie Haggiag. The latter was inspired by an undated date – a rabbit – to draw an entire painted story. From Hérault, Clara Castagné, diverts the original signs of anatomy boards by forming dissected couples. The people of Sétois discovered his works in the Reservoir.

In this collective exhibition, we will also see lace-style cut-outs by L de Papier, an artist from Avignon; paintings embroidered using Domino Maret’s canvas technique; large, cheerful and colorful canvases by Georgette Georgette; the porcelain ex-votos of Juli About; recycling plastic artist NatiNath Pechrikian and Elise Shootthelife’s thirty-five portraits from a “confinement” series aimed every day in 2020, to her lover.

Claré Castagné also visited the school’s anatomy boards.

Claré Castagné also visited the school’s anatomy boards.

Opening Thursday, April 7 at 6:30 p.m. On this occasion, it is possible to participate in the raffle (10 €) organized by Calamartothèque for the benefit of Ukrainian orphans. The exhibition is visible every day except Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. FREE ENTRANCE.

In April, love was discovered

Saturday April 9: Deja vu #2. Performing Art Action by Pascale Ciapp. Departure at 10.30 am from Victor-Hugo workshop to rue Alsace-Lorraine. Sunday April 17 from 10 am to 12 pm, heart chakra yoga session, € 5. Friday April 22 : “Run for your life!” playing with Violaine Vérité under the direction of Bernard Colin, at 7 pm at P’tit Denfert € 5. Sunday April 24: flower walk of Love with association l’Espangassat 2 pm from Paul-Valery high school € 10, free for children under 18.

Sunday April 24 : “Do you love me?” performance by Blandine Scelles with brave hearts, 3 pm chapel in the quartierhaut for those over 16 years old. Wednesday April 27: The bubble dictation of Codex Urbanus 4 pm in the Quartier-Haut chapel with exotic herbal teas on offer, lasts 80 minutes. Saturday May 7: “Why is love happiness?” Conference by CNRS linguist and researcher Melissa Barkat-Defradas 4 pm in the Upper Quarter chapel with aphrodisiac herbal teas on offer. Guided tours Sunday April 17 and May 1 at 4 p.m. For these events, we book on 04 99 02 87 62.

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