Mélina (Married at first sight) reacts cash to her ex’s new relationship with Yannick

This time, on television screens, viewers followed the contestants in season 6 of Married at first sight. But let’s not forget the former participants who left their mark. This is the case of Mélina and Yannick, an attractive, kind, fusion couple who burn their wings! What are they? We give them their news.

Mélina and Yannick (Married at first sight): a chaotic story that ends in failure

If you take a step into the world of reality TV, won’t you stop? Such was the case with Yannick. In fact, after joining Married at first sight, he decided to enter the show The Villa of Broken Hearts. In fact, as a reminder, at the beginning of their meeting and during their marriage, Mélina and Yannick fell in love at first sight. But, little by little, the fairy tale deteriorated. Eventually, their relationship ends in divorce. So, no doubt to heal his sad heart the handsome young man joined this new reality show?

In any case, this choice has not been confirmed by the fans who follow him. On the contrary, they did not hesitate to tell him it was better than that: ” Oh not seriously ??? Frankly, I don’t know you any better than your publications, but you seem to be even more valuable than that. () there is something better for your image »,« What a pity! »,« This is not a show. You’re still classier than that! », Really disappointed “, can we read in the comments. However, Yannick is determined and wants to find love again. Did he succeed? This Thursday, April 28, from Mélina we got information and news. The former candidate of Married at first sight organizes a session of questions and answers from its subscribers. She was later asked how she was living her new relationship with her ex-husband Yannick?

Married at first glance: Yannick has found love again!

In fact, before filming the new reality show, he met a Laura. It landed in one of the stages. Here is what Yannick explains about their situation: “The truth: I know you, I don’t want to be serious, and I have reasons : distance (Marseille-Paris), recent divorce (MAPR), current TV project (la Villa)… You say goodbye to me, but anyway, I still want to see you and I couldn’t control how I felt, (normally uncontrollable) and I’ll attach you. But I had said yes to the Villa, I didn’t have the courage to cancel. So we broke up and you hated me. During the Villa adventure, I was uncomfortable, and I had to text you to change everything. If I think about it… I’m almost confused… We love each other, but nothing. Let us continue to love and preserve our Love. », he writes in his account instagram on April 13. You can discover this publication and the birth of this beautiful young woman in the post below.

How did Mélina experience the new romantic relationship with her ex?

Some Internet users were happy with this news, but others did not hesitate to remind him of his ex -wife. Married at first sight, Melina. Yannick was upset to be reminded of this memory, because he wanted to continue. For the pretty brunette, it’s the same! This Thursday, April 28, Internet users asked her about her ex -husband and she responded to end their story, which had long since ended. He was asked by a subscriber the question below. is he “sadness” to find out Yannick has a new wife? Here is his answer: It finally allowed me to no longer be associated with this story and that was good. » Case to follow if the subject still comes back to the front of the stage. There is a high probability that the former candidates of Married at first sight repetitive things. In fact, repetition corrects the idea! It only remains for Mélina to find a new partner.

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