Ledger and Sandbox signed a partnership to secure Metaverse

Ledger, a French unicorn that specializes in cryptographic wallets and security hardware, has partnered with The Sandbox, a major player in Metaverse. The collaboration aims to create an educational environment that should enable participants to learn how to protect their digital assets.

A collaboration and 36 The Sandbox schemes for Ledger

Despite its fun and rewarding side, Sandbox remains a serious business. Set to shine in an ever-growing virtual world, the French startup has not forgotten its fundamental values. In a world where the security of NFTs and cryptocurrencies is often questioned and where hacks and scams are common, Sandbox and Ledger have expressed their ambition to improve the situation.

As such, the two French companies recently announced a partnership aimed at improving the security of Metaverse and its users. Thus, a space dedicated to Ledgers will be created in The Sandbox, where avatars can safely train and learn the right moves.

From the principles of cryptocurrencies to the management of cryptocurrency investment portfolios, the various courses offered will ensure that the public can calmly consider protecting their wealth by developing principles of effective and effective asset management. there is no fear of holes.

“The partnership will provide The Sandbox’s 2.2 million registered users with essential security, support and top-notch practices. It will also engage millions of Ledger users in more than 180 countries to ensure their metaverse assets, ”said Anastasia Golovina, a spokeswoman for Ledger, in a statement.

To achieve this, Ledger will get 36 plots of land where he plans to make a series of educational games that will make money while playing. Ian Rogers, director of the French unicorn experience, said it was a winning combination “The reality is that educated people have become Ledger customers. So we just want to make sure everyone has all the education they need to be safe and to properly manage this unique right and freedom they need to acquire their property.

Fighting Cryptos Crime

As part of the deal, Ledger also plans to provide SAND owners with personalized Nanos. This is to inform them of the security of the virtual world by giving them the possibility to directly benefit from the autonomy afforded by self -protection.

Historical players in self -custody cryptocurrencies have expanded their services to NFTs. In addition, its new key, the Nano S Plus, gives them a choice of options. With this new metaverse orientation, the security giant is expecting a major ecosystem transformation.

In fact, this is definitely the way for many new users. Given the consensus predictions, the future of the Metaverse looks bright. Ledger consolidates the leadership position by immediately disseminating the best practices to curb the greed of various hackers and increase interference by the authorities.

The virtual world is endless, a dream come true, but it can also be a haven for cybercriminals. In this regard, Meta said it has raised $ 50 million in funding to improve security in its metaverse. In fact, the situation is much more difficult than that, because due to the sheer size of the virtual world, the computing power deployed to secure the whole thing is 1000 times greater than the power to compute. -compute required for a normal site.

Currently, the terms of the partnership have not been finalized and will be announced soon, according to the two companies. As for the Ledger company, which is now marking its entry into the Metaverse, it will undoubtedly provide a panoply of physical solutions intended to make users ’lives easier.

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