Help, my dog ​​won’t stop barking!

If your dog likes to make a noise with inappropriate barking, it can easily annoy you, and even upset your neighbors. But do you know what factors push your pet to vocalize so much?

A dog that constantly barks or howls to death can be easily unbearable for you and your neighbors. To prevent your partner from barking unnecessarily, it is important to understand why he or she needs to be heard carefully.

A language for men


The cat barked and the dog … barked. The man’s best friend developed this ability during different stages of his life with people, who also maintain the skin to perform his activities, as Isabelle Vieira, ethical veterinarian explains. “Domestication would have favored vocalization during evolution, and man would have chosen older dogs for the purposes of guarding or protecting the home against predators.“When an animal bites, communication with humans is paramount.

Barking to say what?

According to Kevin Moulaï, a teacher and behaviorist for almost six years, “The barking is the dog’s second mode of communication. It expresses an emotion with different vocalizations in different situations. There are skins of anticipation, alertness, fear, defense, failure and vigilance”.


If the beetle is rare, there is no need to change its behavior, which is contrary to its true nature. Dog trainer Kevin Moulaï has a habit of giving all owners of older dogs a table where they can notice all the time their dog barks in a day. The dog communication expert always says “that it’s about 2 minutes of barking per day and that sometimes the desire to “silence his animal” is above all a human need that doesn’t equal the dog’s needs.. “


Beep and beep: two different languages Other dog breeds may bark to death, but the meaning of this cry is not the same as the skin. This was confirmed by Isabelle Vieira, ethical veterinarian. “In the dog, the beetle loses its original function, but persists in Nordic primitive breeds. This can be heard in difficult situations (alone with the master or congeners). ”

A scary skin … or not

Dog skin can be very frightening to people who are not accustomed to interacting with animals and more frightening for others when dealing with large people. “The barking of a small dog cannot be thought of in the same way as a large dog,”Introduced Kevin Moulaï. “A small dog barking at us can make us laugh, while a large dog barking can be even more impressive immediately.


Even though all dogs are likely to bark, Isabelle Vieira has noticed that some breeds are louder than others. “There are many variations from different to different. The basenjii will not bark. Chow-chows and greyhounds have less skin, but companion dogs and terriers are more aggressive.. ”

The right way for him to lower his voice

As with all learning, it’s good to teach your dog not to bark from an early age and be careful about what you do with him when he barks. Kevin Moulaï observed that “The barking may be due to learning, thought or not, of people who initially enjoy barking at their dog.”. Thus, the animal may misunderstand our reactions if it finds that its cry attracts our attention and sees it as a way to challenge us.


To reduce the chances of beetles, you need to first look at the causes of beetles and then use the appropriate method for each case. Isabelle Vieira recommends several methods. “The best response when a dog barks due to boredom or lack of socialization is to provide him with games, variety and daily exploration activities so that he can get to know the world around him as a source of satisfaction and happiness.. ” In other cases, it may be reasonable “ignore your dog for a while and reward it with a treat if it stops barking”.

Anti-bark collars: accessories to be removed

The use of anti-bark collars on dogs is often considered a barbaric approach for many animal rights activists. Isabelle Vieira warns about using these accessories that can have serious consequences for your pet’s health. “Whether anti-bark collars with citronella shocks or electric shocks, they are items of severe violence whose use has even been declared in some countries because they are considered abuse. If dogs receive a shock, they don’t have to understand its origin and may associate this negative feeling with something other than barking. We have a lot of collateral mental damage and harmful associations made by the dog with environmental elements. It can also have physical consequences: the dog may have burns and even skin holes at the level of the trachea.”The specialist warned.


Troubles for the neighborhood

Repeated barking can be a noise around you. While most dog barking disputes are usually settled out of court, legal action can be taken in the most serious cases.


French law stipulates in these specific cases that “no particular noise shall, in its duration, its recurrence or its intensity, affect the peace of the neighborhood or the health of the person, in a public or private place, whether by a person himself or by to the mediator of a person, an object in which he has custody or an animal placed under his responsibility”. The owner of the animal may be fined 3and class (ie 450 euros) if he refuses to solve this barking problem with the help of a veterinary ethics evaluator. In the most problematic cases, an additional sentence can lead to “confiscation of the object (the dog in this case) used or intended to commit the offense”.

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