This sad request from a veterinarian to everyone who euthanizes their dogs

After reading this story, you will hallucinate. In fact, our dog friends are the sad victims of people’s madness!

The art or the way to say goodbye to your dogs

When the pain comes out, we always feel helpless. Especially if the doctor says nothing more can be done. In humans, such as dogs, the temptation to avoid suffering is enormous. When the time comes, celebrities like Alain Delon, Françoise Hardy or Line Renaud have a goal. That the entourage promised that they would find a solution to comfort them as soon as possible. While the procedure is allowed elsewhere, it is a relentless treatment that is controversial in France. Alas, for our animal friends, the tone changes dramatically. Hanging, hanging, the destructive language of this veterinarian is able to shake your balance!

This animal specialist doesn’t go there on the back of the spoon

Before starting to tell his horrible anecdote, this specialist threw a bottle into the sea to the dog owners. In fact, he was aware of the difficulties caused by this kind of farewell. However, he asked them to review their copy. Do they know that “Is it hell for them? » To go “to the vet”, it is never easy on the heart. To support his theory, he told us what they were “Confused, scared, sad and looking for you when they are broken »

For his part, he tries to alleviate the ailments of dogs. ” I try to give them as much love and comfort as possible. » However, he wants to emphasize this sad paradox. If we have an ounce of humanity left, it should make us react immediately. “At the end of the day, I am still a stranger to them. »

A devastating testimony against this dog owner

Angered by this dog owner’s behavior, the animal cause expert tells this story. After realizing that there was no longer any hope of saving his friend’s foot, he proposed the solution of euthanasia. Oh, that day, the cabinet schedule was busy. “JI told him we didn’t have professional capability [s’en] occupying the clinic. » Since an accident is never uncommon, unfortunately he will not attend before 6pm to conduct the operation. Against all odds, as the sun had just risen, the young woman asked the doctor to keep her until nightfall. Ironic and disappointed, he declared. ” He was too busy to bring it back later, so he was [l’a] left alone all day before dying. »

Unable to leave him in a corner, the dog veterinarian had to make a devastating decision. As he moves, he occupies his incredible free minutes ” walk for a while. » icing on the cake for Objeko, he “bought a cheeseburger and a donut” for lunch. Generous, he clearly shares the beast! For digestion, there is nothing like a big squeeze of the arm. We don’t know who cried “ the more than two… All he has to say is that he ” scared and confused ” !

Internet users are reacting

Once again, he witnessed a strange event. While he was caring kiss him ” and tell him he is a kind woman when she crossed the rainbow bridge, “ he noticed a change in size. “Shis eyes did not stop searching for his family. » Wearing his veterinarian costume, he hammered us “The dogs know what’s going on, don’t do it to them.» The message is clear. “Go there when they go through this time. » Worried about not putting everyone in the same basket, he recalled that “ it does not apply to those without options during a pandemic “. For Objekothings are clear… and for you?

Reading this anecdote about dogs, Objeko his heart was broken into a thousand pieces. As for the comments, they nicely summarized the state of mind of this veterinarian and the editorial staff. One of them stood up. ” Although this is one of the hardest things we have to do, it is our last gift of love to them after a lifetime of dedication. »

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