Sex can cure all diseases

What do prostate cancer, insomnia and unemployment have in common? Their bad behavior, sure, but not only. The same medicine can really prevent these different evils: sex.

And that’s not the only benefit you can get from it. Medical and psychological research reveals what a positive impact the interior has on our personal and professional lives. It should still be satisfying! Here again, science reveals a whole series of factors that promote orgasm …

There are many deeds to prove this: sex is good for your health. For many reasons, and especially because of its sporty nature, it is a source of cardiovascular benefits. But the other benefits are even more impressive. Thus, in men, having twenty orgasms per month instead of seven reduces the risk of prostate cancer and is virtually un-roomed, according to a study conducted by American researcher Jennifer Rider, from Harvard University, in the United States. Country, and his associates. The main assumption is that ejaculation will promote the evacuation of potentially carcinogenic substances.

Anti-anxiety, pro-sleep…

In women, sex can help prevent breast cancer, most likely due to the oxytocin released. This hormone is also strongly anxiolytic, filling happy companions with a beneficial calm. You may have seen it often, but Martin Waldherr and Inga Neumann from the University of Regensburg, Germany, proved it in a rat model. After hatching, the mice in their experiment were less anxious for several hours, unless their neuronal oxytocin receptors were blocked. Another lesson from this study: the level of anxiety measured was not related to the number of sexual encounters. One is enough to trigger this effect within a few hours.

Oxytocin also promotes sleep. Once again, it shouldn’t surprise everyone who is accustomed to watching their sleeping partner snore when their work is done, and again, this is an experiment on rats that proves it. Kerstin Uvnäs-Moberg and her colleagues at the University of Stockholm, Sweden, injected this hormone into mice and found that it produced a sedative effect from a single dose. A survey sponsored by cosmetics brand Sanctuary Spa also revealed that one in six women say they sleep longer and better after sex.

And oxytocin is just one of the chemical cocktail ingredients released during sex! Other substances also have beneficial effects, such as endorphins, that stimulate the immune system. From there to say it may be in your interest to replace your first aid kit a bit Kamasutra described

An elixir of youth

Less sick and more restful, therefore. Result: you’re younger! This was demonstrated by David Weeks, a neuropsychologist at the Royal Hospital in Edinburgh, and his colleague Jamie James, who also put a positive effect on hormones released during sex on skin elasticity. . The researchers asked participants in their experiment to rate the age of more than 3,500 people, which they observed through a glass method. Conclusion: They gave ten years down to some of them, who happened to be the most sexually active! Instead of forcing cosmetics and facial treatments, here’s a natural, free and safe recipe for not aging quickly.

Younger, but happier. Zhiming Chang and Russel Smyth, each affiliated with the Australian universities of Wollongong and Monash, analyzed the results of a Chinese survey of sexual activity of 3,821 men and women, as well as the level of the joy felt every day. However, if respondents had regular and satisfying sex, they were more likely to express themselves – which had a much greater marked effect on men than on women. These results have been confirmed in numerous studies and in different countries.

Of course, it’s hard to know if sex makes you happy or if it’s the pleasure that leads to an insignificant feeling. Maybe the influence goes both ways. One thing is certain in any case: the two are intertwined. A measure of the average frequency of sexual intercourse will soon be used as an indicator of social well -being? Numerous studies in any case have shown that the higher this frequency, the lower the risk of depression and suicide.

This does not mean that we should increase the adventures, because this work also shows that among the hyperactive people in the alcove, the happiest are those who have only had one sexual partner in the last twelve months. This is reassuring to famous romantics: research has proven that sex is not just for the performance of games or the removal of endorphins, but it strengthens pleasure even more when it is accompanied by a specific bond.

Its good mood can also be seen in the concrete consequences, more so at home. Studies show that a satisfying sex life also motivates you to work. Keith Leavitt, of the University of Oregon, in the United States, and his colleagues asked Internet users to write a short question every morning for two weeks, before leaving the office. The first question asked was about the number of times they had sex between the end of their work the previous day and the current moment, while others assessed their psychological state, as well as their satisfaction and their commitment. at work (the latter parameter is quantified by evaluating the level of agreement with statements such as “now at work, I forgot everything around me”). The results show a clear relationship between these parameters for males and females. The more often participants had sex, the happier and more they invested in work.

How to administer the drug?

So sex spreads its benefits in the personal domain and in the professional field. Provided it is good practice! Because studies have shown that indulging your partner just to make him or her happy, without looking for his or her own, can reduce the happiness felt. How can you increase your chances of reaching orgasm?

For men, this is not a topic: within a few percent, they have an orgasm almost every time they have sex. But for many women, this is far from the case. An impressive amount of work also looks at the factors that influence women’s orgasm.

And especially to a classic question: does penis size matter? Numerous studies have revealed that a good proportion of men are convinced of this. But what do women think? Anne Francken, from the University of Groningen, in the Netherlands, and her colleagues led the investigation. The point: 21% and 33% of the women they surveyed each gave importance to height and width of the penis-these two groups overlap in importance, as most of those attracted to a certain height are impressed. also that the width there. . So it’s not the majority, but a significant proportion of the same.

Pure kindness? Apparently not, according to a study by Rui Miguel Costa, from the University of Lisbon, Portugal, and his colleagues. The results obtained by these researchers suggest that a penis at a certain height increases the pleasure felt for some women, as it allows better stimulation of the vaginal area. That’s why those with high sensitivity to this area – perhaps for a number of reasons, such as more dense innervation – are more likely to seek out a much longer penis length. In their survey of 323 women (women described as “experienced in sex”), the researchers found that those who valued penis size had 7.3 vaginal orgasms in the past month, while others had only 4.7.

It is useless, however, for these gentlemen to dream of a large machine, because according to a study conducted by Barnaby Dixson, of the University of Victoria, New Zealand, and his colleagues , the ideal is almost 20% above average. (which is about 9 centimeters at rest); moreover, the attraction afforded by these women diminished. In addition, female physiology and psychology are flexible enough to give their partner a chance to overcome this depressing physical determinism. David Frederick and his colleagues at Chapman University in California studied what sexual acts are most likely to produce orgasm. They show that in order to increase their frequency, nothing beats the association of vaginal penetration with extra kisses and manual and oral stimulation. More than three in four women whose partners engage in these acts typically have an orgasm, or even one every time they have sex.

Overall relationship satisfaction also increases the chance of achieving orgasm. So is a colleague’s sense of humor, according to another study by Gordon Gallup and colleagues at the State University of New York. You can add to the positive effects of sex on health laughter, also well documented!

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