Montpellier: Ravec Ta Soeur connects women traveling alone in the city

Street harassment, verbal and physical assault. With Raccompage Ta Soeur, the women of Montpellier collaborate with each other and share a little in their daily travels.

“The evidence of the attacks on line 3 of the tram following each other around me, I can no longer remain motionless.” At the start of the 2021 school year, Elise, 27, had just resumed her studies in Montpellier. He fell into a “umpteenth post criticizing a serial rapist”. Élise decided to respond, in comments, to the call of Loïs, 22, who suggested creating a Facebook group dedicated to women in transportation.

Within a few days, two Montpellier women launched Ravec Ta Soeur, which was originally intended to connect women traveling alone at night. “We quickly realized that this is not just a problem between 7 pm and 6 am We can imagine the image of a woman alone in the dark, but others want to be together even in the sun”said Elise.

Solidarity and testimonials

“Did anyone travel to St-Eloi-Comédie tonight?” “I go from hospitals to Lattes every morning, carpooling for those interested.” With this type of posts, the group has grown to reach 1000 members, including Manon, 25 years old. A few months later, he attended a self -defense training session, sponsored by Elise, in partnership with a sports club in the city.

“At first, I would go there because Elise was a friend, and I wanted to support her with her projects, I thought I shouldn’t. An attack on public space, whether verbal or physical. Like her, a dozen other young women were able to participate in her actions for free or at the lowest price.

Ravec Ta Soeur has also become a place for discussion and restraint. Last November, Salomé, 23, a student of Paul Valéry, testified: “Saturday night, my friend and I were almost tricked into a fake taxi. The guy pretended to be the car we ordered. He forced my friend to sit next to him. He didn’t have a phone or a car. GPS. My friend was able to get out of the car. I don’t know if it’s a remote case, but watch out. “

Ideas to combat insecurity

Thanks to the negative experiences shared by other young women about the group, she became an expert on tips on going out at night and minimizing risks. “I don’t feel alone, I feel like I’m talking to people who listen to me, who understand me, and who can help me”Salome assured.

Loïs, originally from Ravec Ta Soeur, wants to continue the process further. The former law student, who recently switched to IT, was saddened by the lack of transportation at night. “I live in a neighborhood where the last bus passes at 10pm. I have to cross the whole city on foot when I get out of a nightclub.”

Loïs wants to see buses and stop at the request to come to Montpellier for the girls from Montpellier. “It’s a good idea to do something like Strasbourg, where the bus will drop us off near our house. It will avoid bad encounters. But, for me, it all starts with education. I plan to get involved soon. in elementary schools to warn about harassment and deviant behavior. ”

At present, the group’s impact is still limited. Administrators hope to see new members come in to give real impetus to their initiative.

To join the group, click here.

“Shelter” shops and self -defense courses

This year, the City and the CCI put in place a system of “refuge zones”, which should allow women to seek help from the nearest traders. 48 stores in downtown Montpellier received certification on March 8, International Women’s Day. And to complete this initiative, like Ravec Ta Soeur administrators, the City is offering free self -defense courses. Six course sessions, organized by the Nuage association, supporting victims of sexual violence. Subsequent sessions will take place from May 14 to June 18. Registration is mandatory by the association.

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