Logitech Will Host First Music Awards Show In Metaverse

You think Lizzo is even bigger in life Saturday Night Live early this month? Wait until you see him at Roblox.

The pop sensation is one of the featured artists this year Logitech The Song Breaker Awards, to air on Saturday, April 30 at 10:00 am PST on Roblox, with three more reruns over the weekend. The show will also be co-streamed on YouTube. This is, according to Logitech, the first music awards show to take place in the Metaverse.

This is the second Song Breaker Awards, a ceremony that honors artists who have influenced pop music. It is run by Logitech for Creators, an extension of the brand that sells microphones and webcams for content creators. Last year’s film was screened on TikTok, which gathered 500,000 viewers. This year, organizers say they expect the number to hit millions.

Song Breaker Awards Global Countdown [Images: courtesy of Logitech]

“We did the Song Breaker Awards in response to the Grammys,” said Meridith Rojas, global head of talent and entertainment at Logitech. “We noticed that no one spoke about the creator. The makers of TikTok today are DJs. They organized the songs. They invite platform users to jump on the bandwagon or dance. Then, this excitement made the song a hit.

The decision to focus on producer contributions proved to be successful. Billboard reached out shortly after the first awards show and made Song Breakers a chart that tracks the impact of creators on music discovery and consumption. And when it comes time to start planning for the 2022 show, Logitech wants to push the boundaries even further.

“The format of the awards show has generally not changed,” Rojas said. “It doesn’t invite the consumer to enter. But the world we live in is so interactive. It’s about a two-way conversation between the creator and the viewer. Roblox has this evolving scene for. . . different ways to participate in metaverse entertainment. So for us it was a very good place hagita mi and put on an interesting show.

From Tuesday until the awards ceremony, Roblox users will be able to explore a pre-show experience that includes everything from badges and coins to swimming in a rainbow river and riding a virtual roller coaster.

And, in capturing the legacy of the platform game, the Song Breaker Awards itself has an arc of story, complete with an evil cat in the cloud that the audience and creator will work together to defeat.

In addition, all of the winners ’choreography is captured in action and presented as Roblox emotes.

As for the show itself, it has the same mix of household names and lesser -known names. Lizzo, as mentioned, will perform her new song “Special” on stage at the awards show. And singer-songwriter GAILLEwhich became famous ICT Tacwill feature his chart-topping “abcdefu” (though, for Roblox family audiences, it’s called “abcde-forget-u”).

Singers and winners (GAYLE happens to be the same) will appear as Roblox avatars, giving them the option to appear as upgraded versions of themselves or something new. (For example, David Vu appears to be a dragon.)

Other winners include:

Logitech and music awards may not be two things you think of at the same time, but Rojas says events like this allow the company to raise awareness in a unique way that makes it more than one. .

“For us, it’s about hosting the party and not always sponsoring the party,” he said. “If we can build ourselves [owned and operated] flagship events that represent what we believe in as a brand, it’s not like we’re always looking for the next place to talk about our products. »

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