Here is your horoscope for Monday, May 2, 2022: love, money, work, health …

What day can you expect emotionally, financially or physically? Check it out below with our complete horoscope, signed by sign.

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Love: Day without much marital comfort. It’s time to make changes in your relationship, to add a touch of fantasy to it, but that’s not the center of your worries. Single, you will find more companionship in hearts.

Work Money: You’ll want to review some of your current job details. You will be distracted but more determined and more dynamic in your work. You will make decisions that can affect change and help you progress.

Health: Good resistance. It’s time to give up habits that can damage your health.

Mood: Vigilance is key

Tip: The present routine of your life suits you very well. However, it takes effort to change.


Love: You are more reserved than usual in your emotional outburst. You feel the need to step back and examine your romantic situation. Are you sure you made the right choices?

Work-Money: You move in all directions. The important changes are the order of the day. You want to review your professional goals and analyze them. On the financial side, you get good resolutions to balance your budget.

Health: Your tone can be jagged. It may be time to manage and improve your lifestyle.

Mood: Changing the universe!

Advice: It is not enough to decide to improve, you have to make decisions to achieve it.


Love: You’ll be suspicious and jealous for no apparent reason, and you can’t convince yourself not to think about it anymore. Single, you allow yourself to be dominated by sensuality. The astral atmosphere of the weather will evoke a feeling of frustration.

Work Money: You will feel no longer connected to your professional life and you need to be careful not to damage your chances of success by risky initiatives or excessive risk taking. Some of your choices may be temporarily out of balance with your finances.

Health: You need to impose a minimum of discipline on yourself to preserve your energy balance.

Mood: Risk of troubles.

Tip: Your lack of self -confidence can deceive you. It’s time to react.


Love: It’s time to develop a tool especially if you’re looking for a mate. As a family, try to be warmer: it will speed up your relationship with your partner and your loved ones. Right now the atmosphere is a bit tense.

Work Money: You will impose strict discipline on yourself to satisfy your need for professional development. Dare to launch original initiatives and take calculated risks in what you do. The time is right for this.

Health: Your energy and motivation will increase, but you will need to learn how to manage your stress.

Mood: The sky is clear.

Tip: Your life course doesn’t leave much room for the unexpected or fantasy, and that’s a shame.


Love: Time seems sad and complicated but when you are single, true love can make a unique entry into your life. As a couple, you may be tempted to start a new relationship. Beware of dangerous games, don’t start in an unresolved situation.

Work-Money: Today, everyone smiles at you and luck is with you. Difficulties will disappear in your path and you will be able to accomplish your projects. Use it to get quality. Don’t rely on the first to come when it comes to investing in your savings.

Health: After a few hard weeks, the stress will go away. You will feel better and the fatigue will go away.

Mood: Day full of questions.

Tip: A new pillow can change your life! Choose it soft or firm as you like but also on your cervical!


Love: Surprise your partner, show originality. A rediscovery of each other will give new life to your relationship. Single, don’t hesitate to give your love and commit yourself for the rest of your life.

Work-Money: You will learn skillfully how to avoid traps and obstacles that may hinder your path. On the financial side, don’t forget to make your accounts more frequent, it will save you from unpleasant surprises.

Health: Sleep disorders will decrease and your tone will increase. Don’t waste your energy scattering yourself.

Mood: Good day ahead.

Tip: Make a small effort to break free from your stressful routine. You won’t regret it.


Love: You can’t help but do nothing for it! If you find a soul mate, you may not realize your success. We hope the time for revelations comes before it’s all too late.

Work Money: God’s small promptings will unblock a complicated situation. Your day-to-day work will give you great satisfaction, even if some small obstacles remain to be overcome. Unexpected cash flow is possible.

Health: You can benefit from good resistance, but remember to channel your excess energy.

Mood: Touching day.

Tip: Be careful, don’t wear more than three different colors if you want to stay classy!


Love: You get easy criticism now, which will never speed up your family relationship. Show a minimum of tact if you want to say something if not wait until your situation is good.

Work Money: Some co -workers may try to stop you. Be very careful. Have a dialogue before the situation escalates. You don’t always have the right words to express your demands and get paid.

Health: Know your limitations. You can’t do everything. You need to be more responsible with your body.

Mood: The mood can be tense.

Tip: A nice hot bath can help you relax physically and mentally. It only takes a quarter of an hour!


Love: Everything will be fine, whether it is a romantic or a friendly relationship. You are entitled to a particularly pleasurable sentimental life. The atmosphere can be warm and romantic.

Work-Money: A mistake or failure gives you a little blues. However, you don’t have to worry about it, it has no effect on your career. Pahiyum!

Health: A little concern. Essential oils can help you sleep or relax.

Mood: Pressure increases.

Tip: If you find your skin is dull, or if you have acne, it could be because of your diet.


Love: Your need for strength can make you less receptive on occasions for celebration, but the planetary atmosphere can be favorable to consolidating your life as a couple. You will no longer seek to establish power relationships with your spouse but to strengthen your bonds of partnership. Single, in the place of love, you need to keep your feet on the ground and step back. so that you will not have too much regret over your behavior or your decisions.

Work-Money: If you are in doubt about a project or a professional decision, the advice of someone older than you will allow you to make a good decision. You are not unlucky, everything should be successful for you financially. So, take the opportunity to make transactions or investments. Don’t doubt your abilities.

Health: Be careful, you tend to let go of yourself. It’s time to get into the sport or resume the activity you’ve long since abandoned. There are times when things are good, you have to take advantage of them.

Mood: Very ordinary day.

Advice: Listen to the advice given to you, you will make informed decisions.


Love: Members of your entourage need your moral support. You have to be more generous if you want it back in the future. Make a little effort. Single, open your eyes, love is not far away!

Work-Money: If you commit, you have to follow through. You don’t leave a group project. This can be an opportunity to learn to manage your failures and especially your impatience. Don’t lend money to someone who never thought to give it back to you!

Health: You are selfish and it can cause your little problems. If you constantly abuse good things, your liver can rebel!

Mood: A few minor issues.

Tip: Before replacing a defective appliance, try to repair it first. It’s more ecological.


Love: Now, the relationship with others seems so heavy to you, you don’t want to try to communicate. Not a good time because a family reunion or a gathering with loved ones is almost here.

Work-Money: Professional life is gradually taking breath and breadth. After these weeks of darkness and boredom, you want to breathe. You see that more clearly and you want to plan again.

Health: Channel your high energy.

Mood: The sun doesn’t have to be inspiring.

Tip: Surprise yourself! Change your habits a bit, at the bakery buy something other than the baguette.

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