From crypto to NFT, the Sandbox metaverse supports Ukraine

Peace in the metaverse – For two months now the war in Ukraine raised the spirit of unity. Metaverse giant The Sandbox, NFT blockchain game Ethereum, followed the wave by announcing publicly on April 27 on its social networks the state to play its aid and support for Ukrainians. NFT, cryptocurrencies, are all good ways to support the country being invaded by Russia.

A cryptocurrency donation: SAND to support Ukraine

First, Sandbox creates a Si Don on 100,000 SAND to UNICEF France. SAND is the native cryptocurrency, the neural system of pixelated metaverse exchanges. At the time of writing this news, this donation to BASA represents $ 300,000.

UNICEF’s presence in Ukraine dates back decades. So the humanitarian response has become rapid and relevant. Also, UNICEF’s operations are numerous, vigilant and efficient: deliveries of emergency medical supplies, water purification tablets and admission of minors are examples.

Sandbox donated 100,000 BALISAN to UNICEF France

Cryptocurrency donations, however, aren’t the only way to show the giant metaverse generosity. Okiti’x, the French actor, made the NFT titled unity for peace. The resale of these NFTs made possible through The Sandbox marketplace was donated by UNICEF France.

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NFTs Wave with Ukrainee in collaboration with Mauer

NFT MAUER collections aim to democratize history through the increased presence of NFTs that represent historical events in the metaverse. An early colleague of The Sandbox, Mauer, for example, created a collection of NFTs from the Berlin Wall in January 2021.

Here, 10,000 NFT, flags of Ukraine were sold. They have two purposes. First, to allow their owners to show their support for Ukraine in the metaverse. Second, bringing Ukrainian culture to life in the metaverse. Sandbox will double the wins collected by Mauer NFT.

Tweet from The Sandbox announcing Mauer’s partnership to support Ukraine.

“Together with Mauer, we raised funds for the citizens of Ukraine who are currently suffering from war. 10,000 copies of the Ukrainian flag of the NFT will be placed for sale on the MAUER website. »

The Sandbox, Twitter

NFTs Ukraine 24.02.2022 by Ilya Kazakov

Finally, since April 27, Sandbox Market is hosting a collection of NFTs titled: Ukraine 24.02.2022 made by Ukrainian artist Ilya. This work of Manichean art represents an arc of victory cut into two opposing worlds: peace on one side and war on the other.

This representation of peace and freedom is the symbol of Ukrainian civil resistance according to the artist. This NFT was created, produced in 200 copies. Each copy costs 15 SAND. All proceeds from the sale will go to charities that support war victims in Ukraine.

Sandbox brought the NFT Ukraine project 24.02.2022 to support Ukraine in its metaverse

“Ukraine 24.02.2022 is a representation of peace, freedom, but also civil resistance. A Unique NFT of 200 copies, on sale April 27 at 3pm UTC All proceeds from the sale will go to charities supporting the victims of the war in Ukraine. »

The Sandbox, Twitter.

Sandbox joined blockchain giants and showed with his ways his support for the Ukrainian people. The use of NFTs beyond the financial support it can provide is unique here. Sometimes similar to a blockchain weakened by dubious projects, NFT is an artistic way of direct participation to OPPOSITION.

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