Deodorant brand Degree (Rexona in France) organized the first marathon in the metaverse and provided access to inclusivity

While the metaverse is often discussed in the world of communication and brands, it has yet to respond to ambitions and positions in a virtual world free of physical limitations and social stereotypes. In fact, according to a study by the Institute of Digital Fashion, 60% of people believe that virtual worlds lack inclusiveness, and many are calling for more accessibility. That’s why Degree® (Rexona) Deodorant has partnered with Decentraland to help shape the standard for inclusivity and representation in the virtual world.

Degree®, a British brand of deodorants from the Unilever group, decided to use this study to try to give its point of view by conducting the first inclusive marathon in the metaverse. This virtual event, called Marathon Degree – will take place this Tuesday, April 26 on the Decentraland platform and will allow players to roughly run 42km195 in a marathon in the Vegas City Sport district.

As part of the brand’s mission to shape a more inclusive world where everyone has the confidence to act more, Degree® collaborated with disability experts to better understand and identify the needs of unrepresented metaverse actors. To highlight for these necessary changes, Degree® surveyed the Decentraland community and found that 98% of landowners support making travel to Decentraland more accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities.

Beyond almost running a distance of 42km, what makes this event unique is that it allows participants to create their avatars and wear them with prostheses, running blades or even a wheelchair to give a bigger visibility.

To promote and provide visibility to this event, the Degree Marathon can count on the support of Paralympic athlete Blake Leeper and American artist and musician Fat Joe, who is sensitive and aware of disability -related issues in the music world. .

“As a disabled person and a professional runner, I am excited to participate in the Metathon Degree”said eight -time Paralympic medalist Blake Leeper. “Showing people in the virtual world running around with blades and other prostheses is something that I think will inspire confidence in people with disabilities to participate and feel welcome to be a part of it. experience, and ultimately contribute to more representation. »

Following this event, the Degree brand said it would commit to working with third parties to continue to create a more inclusive virtual world, for example by adding captioning to help people with disabilities. to hearing or modify in the same way to add a sound for players with visual impairments. In addition, the brand will also commit to developing a library of characters to offer non -gender people and people with all body shapes.

“As the metaverse continues to evolve, it is important that the virtual world reflects the representation of our everyday communities”said Fat Joe. “From different body shapes to culture to physical ability, inclusion is essential to make people feel welcome. I am proud to participate in the Degree Metathon and promote this important message, so that everyone feels comfortable and accepted. metaverse. »

“The mission of the Degree, ‘Not Done Yet,’ is about breaking down barriers to mobility and a big part of that is to address how certain communities are represented in sport and beyond”said AMV BBDO creative directors Jack Smedley and George Hackforth-Jones. “Metaverse provides a unique opportunity for people to act whatever they want, but making sure it’s built with inclusion and representation of the mind from the start is very important. We’re excited to be working with so many weird- the partner to help shape what the Decentraland movement will look like in the future. »

“Over the past few years, we have taken many steps to validate our Brand Mission to inspire everyone with confidence to act even more, and now we are doing the same mission in the virtual world”said Kathryn Swallow, vice president of the global brand. “We hope that the Degree Metathon will spark a conversation about the importance of representation – in the metaverse and in the physical world – and its power to challenge social norms. We are excited about our partnership with Decentraland and the potential to influence the virtual world as it is built and more widely embraced by consumers. »

This campaign aimed primarily at an Anglo-Saxon public is reminiscent of the Handiskin campaign launched by Société Générale, a partner of the French Handisport Federation, and which also aims to allow people with disabilities to finally represented in video games, by creating a creative mode in the game Our Us.

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