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One thing we don’t talk about very often, when it comes to digital spaces, is how to make sure they’re healthy. We can continue on how to make virtual worlds fun, entertaining or economically viable. Discussions about what kind of systems should be put in place to keep things civil and moderate are an ongoing conversation.

But we never pay attention to the mental health aspect. Of course, there are caveats to a lot of software. Rest, take in fresh air, stretch and hydrate. Where is the digital equivalent of the doctor’s office in the world?

Obviously, the types of problems that exist in a metaverse are different from the real world. Physical fitness is not really the issue; take off the helmet and solve the problem. Mental health, however, needs to be given more focus.

You enter virtual reality. Your form is digital avatar. It ultimately makes no sense. What do you think, though? Your mind is the most important part of yourself in it. If things happen to your avatar, it will stop there. It’s just an avatar. But the unbalanced mind transcends this physical/digital barrier.

Keeping him healthy should be high on the list of things to do in the Metaverse.

“If only we would build virtual malls where you could bring your digital twin to buy digital sneakers,” said Travel CEO Nanea Reeves speaking at GamesBeat Summit 2022. “Well maybe we’ll throw it away the towel and say we’ll suck. “

Tripp did it

Nanea Reeves, CEO of Tripp, at GamesBeat Summit 2022.

Reeves is the founder of Tripp, a digital wellness platform focused on mobile and VR platforms. The software offers a wide range of meditation experiences, with a constantly updated catalog. It allows users to customize and design their own experiences. It has some light gameplay elements.

It uses real research to make these things and quotes them publicly, rather than just improvise them.

Reeves thinks that attending virtual reality fitness sessions allows people to open up more freely than personally. That the abstraction layer of dealing with an avatar rather than a human provides enough buffer to silence people.

“[Research shows that] Veterans can be more open to a virtual agent, ”Reeves said. “Because they can’t feel someone else’s judgment.”

The metaverse is still in its infancy. People are still trying to figure out what it really is. It’s probably for the most part that we have people working on mental health and wellness. Everyone seems to be racing towards a kind of digital capitalist dystopia.

It’s never healthy for anyone. Reeves announced that Tripp has partnered with design studio Luminance to bring non-fungible wellness-focused tokens to the conscious metaverse. Their first effort was Chrysanthemum: The Heart-Centered Drop, which is said to use biofeedback to improve the well-being of each session.

The drop hits the HyperCube platform. The drop was designed by Daniel Friedman of Luminance and uses biofeedback backed by science and research to support interactive and meditative experiences. The Luminance team worked with Tripp to integrate Tripp’s sound and music library into procedurally generated sound loops that are unique to each session.

As part of the Chrysanthemum Collection, Luminance and TRIPP’s NFT offering combine scientifically proven breathing patterns to facilitate a deep state of relaxation and peace, with a revolutionary approach to binaural audio design that fits rhythm and at the user’s heart frequency. Each NFT session is unique and leads to deeper states of peace drawing an endless number of psychedelic-inspired designs, colors and patterns that can be changed with the click of a button.

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