A new space dedicated to dogs was inaugurated in Chartres

A Siberian husky, a golden retriever, a stafffordshire bull terrier, a malinois, a Hungarian shepherd, a creole shepherd, a brittany spaniel, a schipperke, three Manchester terriers and three crossbreeds holding shoulders without difficulty, Saturday April 30, 2022, in a canine area of ​​1,000m2, created for them, at 3 rue des Petites Filles Dieu, in Chartres.

Yohan Compper, president of the Chartres Education and Canine Sports association, which was created in 2019, and consists of forty members, presented a panel of his proposal to allow owners and dogs to live together, in a limited space, or in contact with humans and other animals.

His members conducted the demonstrations, while Yohan Compper interpreted the techniques, his Staffie Ike, cleverly sitting at his feet.

Free, under the eyes of the owner

At the end of the demonstrations, Sophie Beurel, municipal councilor who manages the town’s animals, spoke about the project: “This space of freedom has been a request from Chartrains for many years. Mayor Jean-Pierre Gorges favored because he wanted to continue to be a pioneer in animal welfare, within the framework of medium-sized cities. ”

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This site allows owners to release their dogs to run and play with their peers and allow them to socialize. “Under the supervision of their owner”, insisted Sophie Beurel.

“I negotiated for a dog”

The mayor of Chartres, Jean-Pierre Gorges, began his speech with humor: “I always had animals in my family, then also when I did my family. Then there were no more animals. Animals. Then one cats have moved. I don’t have a dog. I can’t negotiate. ”

Then he jokingly quotes new and used dogs: “An animal a few months old, new, we can educate it, an animal recovered, older, it has habits. ” Since taking over the town of Chartres in 2001, the elected official has noticed a large presence of pets:

“More than 5,000 dogs! And probably as many as cats. So it’s necessary to invest in the condition of the animal, the animal that is very close to the family.”

Jean Pierre Gorges (mayor of Chartres)

Next up is Les Perriers

After multiple installations of canisites to avoid contaminants everywhere, the mayor wants to continue to transform public space: “We need to educate teachers first. And Yohan Compper’s association has a significant impact. role. “He added:” This canine space will also allow for better living among residents, in a town we want to be peaceful. ”

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The municipality is considering other areas reserved for dogs in the districts of the town of Chartres. The Perriers sector should be next on the list.

Thierry Delaunay

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