Top 14. Reactions after games on the 24th day

Ronan O’Gara (manager at La Rochelle) : “Our first try was great, it was my vision of how we would play rugby. 60 seconds later we were at 7-7, with Antoine Dupont hunting like a dog. While at 7-0 we could have put a little suspicion on the opponent … We’re pretty much on the ball. We’re usually very accurate, but I also think Toulouse knows how to stop our game, it’s hard on the rucks. The positive is OK, we will be able to compete against Toulouse; but for now, we can’t beat Toulouse. You have to keep knocking on the door and one day the door will fall. »

Thomas Ramos (behind Toulouse) : “The loss is almost in the eliminatory phase for us and it was very good to get four points against this very good team from La Rochelle, which is not in its place. Plus, they will leave with zero points and when that you can see other results … The first test, we analyze this defect in them; the second is simply our game we played more at home in the second period maybe that’s why we won.A psychological rise in La Rochelle [après la série de six victoires de rang, NDLR] ? I don’t think so, and that would be disrespectful to them. This is more anecdotal than anything else. »

Lyon-Montpellier: 43-20

Philippe Saint-André (manager of Montpellier): “We’re having better days this season … It’s the confusions of high -level matches. The LOU is very realistic, very fast in collision areas. If there’s no good start to the game, we’ll go back to 18-10.The red card has hurt us so much.There is frustration.Let’s turn our heads.There are important games between now and the end of the season.We have to stay active, together.This group went through a difficult time last season.We lost Geoffrey Doumayrou in the warm-up, Paul Willemse at the start of the game, and Mohamed Haouas on the questionable red card.We had chances but the quality of the Lyon players did not allow us to score. »

Pierre Mignoni (manager of Lyon): “At the accounting level, it was a good operation. We played as we thought. There were some unnecessary mistakes but it was a controlled, controlled game. I’m very proud of the players. Four weeks have passed. , we are the worst. Now we are still alive. We are in the Top 6, we have a European quarter-final to play at home. We are still in the race in two competitions. »

Pau-Racing 92: 21-42

Antoine Hastoy (opening Section, playing his 100th game with Pau): “We’ll go back ahead of the time mark then we’ll give them a lot. Heavy score in the end. We were embarrassed. At the end of the game, physically, it’s really complicated. We dug. They opened up. When they get to our camp they can always score. They got there very quickly because of our mistakes. Getting 40 points at the hospital. »

Vincent Pinto (Pau winger): “The score in my view is not the same as the physiognomy of the game. They are very efficient at simple things. We left them with a lot of penalties (17). They can get close to our lines very easily, not like us a lot jud left juice. We give them all, then roll them up. There is a sense of shame that imposes a collective questioning. »

Biarritz-Castres: 13-48

Mathieu Hirigoyen (third line of the soundtrack): “Complicated, I wish we could play a good game. Now, we can see that against a member in the top 6, the slightest mistake is paid in cash. In the end, when they are combined, it makes a heavy mark. What worked for us at the start of the season: a huge defense, the fact of managing to win the line of advantage we could no longer copy it. Now, as in previous weeks, we spend our time suffering. One has the impression that it is too easy for others. »

Shaun Sowerby (Biarritz coach): “No carrot, some leave, some stop so it’s hard to keep up at all. The collective is in pain, facing a superior opponent. Let’s not look for excuses. We lack finishing efficiency but it’s not a question of relaxation. »

Pierre-Henry Broncan (manager of Castres): “Actually, we have come to confirm past victories and maintain a positive dynamics. We have one last home game against Perpignan to come to play to keep it going. We know they are not. will perform well for 80 minutes, because some of their players have not played or come back from injury. »

Florian Vanverberghe (second line at Castres): “The word of the week was to respect Biarritz, to start with the basics: coverage and commitment. This is what we set out in the first few minutes. We opened up and it paid off. The first part was positive even if we made some mistakes .There are disputed phases of play, we still have areas for improvement, especially in camp outings.But we are a team that has to keep going, work hard and then we have to get back in shape to get to Perpignan.Not too noisy Castres said, we players are very focused on ourselves, hopefully it will bear fruit. »

Baptiste Erdocio (soundtrack column): “Every weekend, we face teams with goals. It was an amazing adventure to be included in the Top 14, we try to get back there as soon as possible. »

Thomas Combezou (center of Castres): “We wanted to win first, we were lucky because we got the bonus. Biarritz had some difficulties, it was sad for them, we knew each other, we knew the times were long. I hope for them that they don’t stop this end of time. »

Perpignan-Brive: 27-10

Melvyn Jaminet (behind Perpignan): “We try to keep the positive. Lost a few moments to get the bonus. But hey, there was a win in the end and so we were content. We are still alive. We have it all. We’ll do everything to avoid the play-offs, but if we have to go, we’ll prepare it right. »

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