Love is in the past: Soraya, Catty (Biévène) and Nordine (Leuze-en-Hainaut) hope to find love thanks to the show

Soraya opened a pony club with her mom, Catty, 6 years ago. where she is the owner, along with her mother Catty, who is from Ollignies, the 31-year-old young woman hopes to find true love. ” I tried my luck last season, but I didn’t get it “, Soraya explained.” Mom also submitted her application, and she received a favorable response. We promised to be together, so he turned down the offer.

Single and owner of an animal farm, Soraya met all the criteria of the show. ” I’ve been watching Love is in the meadow since the first season. I’ve always liked the concept. Love stories don’t always work, but when they do, it’s fine. This is what I love: I’m looking for big love, not short life.

“An addition to my life”

Soraya is looking for a sincere and serious man. ” Loyalty, respect and kindness are important qualities for me. The advantage of this program is that the sender of his letter to me already knows my activity and my rhythm of life. He will no longer be surprised by my schedule. “Caring for a stable takes time.” You have to wake up every day early in the morning to take care of the horses “, Soraya continued.” We don’t have holidays or weekends. “These professional requirements are sometimes a hindrance for Soraya’s former suitors, for whom” loneliness is not a problem “.” I didn’t look for someone at all costs, because I didn’t need to. But finding love is a plus in my life. “And if possible, a man who can support him in his work.” I was not looking for a worker, but someone who every now and then could lend me money.

No matter how many letters Soraya receives, she hopes to receive ” the right letter to change the course of my life “.” I don’t want quantity but quality “, The young woman concluded.

Nordine wants to “find the woman who will truly match him”

Nordine, 28, owns a dairy farm and sells cattle in Leuze-en-Hainaut. He joins Love in the pasture, because he wants to ” find the right person “.

I am looking for love “, explained the young man.” I joined the show on the advice of my friend Cédric, a former candidate who found love thanks to Love in the pasture. Last year, he encouraged me to participate, but I didn’t want to, because I was afraid of media exposure. In the meantime, I have met but no jud. This year, I told myself it was the right thing to do. I want to find someone and find the right person. If it works for others, why not for me? “Even if he can’t find love, the farmer will be able to take something positive out of this experience.” L’Amour est dans le pré obviously makes it possible to create romantic encounters, but it is also a story of friendship. I hope to have some nice friendly encounters. In any case, the experience will be positive for me.

“If it applies to some, why not me?”

Nordine did not set a goal: “j I tried it, and see you! “. No matter how many letters he receives, he will settle it.” I didn’t put any pressure or goal on myself. I didn’t put myself through a lot of letters to achieve. I accept things as they come. “The candidate, on the other hand, knows what he wants and doesn’t want.” I am looking for a simple, honest woman who has character and is brave in her life. I was not looking for someone to work with me on the farm, but had an active life and was not afraid to work. .

Cathy wants to “break her routine”

Catty, 56, from Biévène, got her love of horses from her dad, who was an agricultural contractor. Biochemist and beautician by training, Catty opened her beauty salon before opening her pony club with Soraya (see above), 6 years ago.

Ten years ago, Catty joined the show Love is in the meadow, but as a contender. ” My daughter-in-law sent a letter to one of the candidates, but since I had just opened my beauty salon, I no longer wanted to continue the adventure, for fear of being replaced elsewhere. “, said Catty. For this time, she was encouraged by a friend, on New Year’s Eve 2021.” I wasn’t looking for love at all costs, but I told myself that maybe someone was waiting for me somewhere and that we would be far apart. The advantage of this show is that the suitors know who we are. On the other hand, I hope to meet sincere people who come for me, and not to show up on television.

“I told myself someone was waiting for me somewhere”

The candidate has already assured that he will not be disappointed if he does not find love. ” If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter. There is no human death. That’s life.But it’s true I run all day, and at night I feel alone. I want to break this routine, have fun, go out and go to a restaurant with good companions. I spend the whole day with my horses, it makes me happy to see other people. “Above all, Catty is looking for an honest man, whom she can trade and discuss everything.” I didn’t set a goal, but I wanted to receive more than one letter “, concludes the candidate

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