6LACK – East Atlanta Love Letter

Revealed in 2016 with his opus Free 6 less, 6 less returned with new project: Love Letter to East Atlanta. An ode to his hometown but also an opportunity for someone who has just become a father to stock up. More than an album, a real therapy.

I turned a dream into a dream

Also raised in Zone 6 in Atlanta, the 6lack isn’t new though Gucci Mane. More influenced by smooth-jazz in sad and the nu-soul ofErykah Badu that because of the brutality of the neighborhood, Ricardo Valentine, his real name, remains a frustrated former child who sees his comrades smoking, squatting on the cement of prisons or on carved stones in cemeteries. Introduced to his father’s music, Valentine quickly returned to rap and introduced himself to college fights where he faced other kids in the neighborhood, including a certain one. Young Thug. A love that pushed him to pack his bags in 2011, heading into the Miami day. At the age of 19, he signed with International Music Group, a label Florida. Luxury cars and an over-equipped studio, are the promises the young artist has made, on one condition: drop the R’n’B he loves so much in favor of more pop, more “bankable “music. Trapped and unable to respond to these unnatural needs, he can easily find himself facing a wall with a mark that doesn’t want him to grow up or let go of him. 5 years of hardship, hunger and uncertain nights followed, spent outdoors or in the studio.

There’s no way Ricardo will drop his dreams: he’ll be a rapper, no matter what he has to go through and this episode isn’t the end. Finished International Music Group and Miami, 6lack has already joined LoveRenaissance and Interscope Records, a large team that doesn’t need an introduction. The real adventure begins, with Free 6 less, the artist’s first studio album, and its flagship title “Prblms”. On the cover of the project, the tone is set: the rapper peacefully poses next to a bear, a symbol of quiet energy, which he also hates the tattoo on his hand. There was success because the album found itself 34th on Billboard and he would receive a tour with The Week and 2 Grammy nominations. A big hit in the raposphere building on 6lack’s rising style.

Love Letter to East Atlanta

A successful first album will inevitably come with thousands of pairs of eyes (and ears) on the lookout for the next success… or the latest crash. What thenLove Letter to East Atlantawhere the artist is indulging more than ever?

Between FREE 6KAWAL and Love Letter to East Atlanta, two years have passed and in two years of a man’s life, many things can happen. This season transforms 6lack from a young R’n’B prodigy to a thoughtful and confident father. A new fatherhood that especially influenced this second opus and was confirmed, among other things, on the cover of the album where he put himself in a “home-made” studio bringing in his daughter, Syx Rose Valentine.

Responsibilities are not the same, nor is the way to do it. She who claims to be overly selfish due to excessive love and is devoted to her art needs to refocus her priorities and integrate her daughter into the equation of her life. She expressed this by saying “Music never makes me smile as much as my daughter can”.

Composed of 14 titles, the album is not a musical metamorphosis for 6lack, but more than coming to prove the slab he has always tried to get.

Not surprisingly, we find the same flying and dark atmosphere where Ricardo reveals pain and sadness. Here in this R’n’B with the shadows of the deep trap lies the great strength of de 6lack. Without the greatest number of singers, he was able to create a perfect homogeneity between the production and the sound that manages to pull the listener into a sad whirlwind from which it is difficult to escape.

In terms of production, we found Si Stwo(the French working for drake, Lomepal or Nekfire) who signed the titles “Nonchalant” and “Unfair”. T-Minus, Business Boi or Jakob Rabitsch (very present in FREE 6KAWAL) is also in the game.

Another unique feature of this opus is the small presence of features. A somewhat appreciated concept, Ricardo simply surrounded himself with four guests and turned to one of the most famous casts. in the future comes to lend his voice to the album’s eponymous title while J.Cole, Offset and Khalid responsible for completing the guest list.

The project was marked by a soft and pure global atmosphere, accompanied by more trendy tracks for radio (“Balenciaga Challenge”, “East Atlanta Love Letter”). As for the text, the sincerity and humanity of 6lack observed in his first project is further confirmed at the end of it. He admits that he himself wrote the album with the aim of helping people with social concerns and difficulties start with the word “perspective” on a whiteboard. A positive approach in which 6lack reveals his difficulties and fears and opens the door to communication as a solution, music as therapy.

And as if the musical aspect wasn’t enough to convince, Ricardo was able to take his album to another dimension through a variety of clips. The most convincing example is the video for “Nonchalant”, the second single on the album, where the calm vibe of the song perfectly fits the peace of the shots filmed in Iceland. Icebergs, geysers and fountains came to reinforce the inspiring message the Atlanta rapper got with the intelligence and good use of visual performance in his songs.

Baby, I love you like a stan, stan, stan

Marked by intense moments that mix social problems, failures of love and declarations of those close to him, this examination of the mind of the Atlanta native is a convincing success, so that 6less is surprising if the his relationship with his public is in part due to the intimate aspect of his tracks.

Damn, do I have fans of this shit?
to be rapping like these people understand this shit
It’s hard and shit, but I stand by these kids
as they stand for the child, understand, how we clarify

A dialogue took place with his fans in which he did not hesitate to change venues to express his excessive love for a woman on the album’s final track, “Stan”. The title is an obvious reference to the pipeEminem and built on a sample of the American duo’s song “New Grave” DJDS. Here, Ricardo is the cooled fan, the man to love endlessly. Because if the project shakes between fears and revelations, it will end with a positive feeling, perhaps the most positive of all: love.

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