Recently, the PS5 saw a drop in the price of this MADNESS offer

Want to enjoy your summer vacation playing on PS5? Here’s a way to get the console from Sony at a lower price than normal.

Now there are only a few lucky few who can enjoy the new console from the Japanese manufacturer. In fact, Sony has real difficulties making and delivering next-generation consoles. Some video game enthusiasts have been waiting almost 2 years to get their hands on one of the new PlayStation 5s.

If you’re tired of the wait, here’s what should make you happy: now, a flash sale allows you to buy the new PS5 Digital Edition for 241 euros instead of 399 euros. This allows you to have a 30% discount on the machine, in return for subscribing to a fiber subscription. Overall, there is a great deal to be gained.

i will buy a PS5

A formula that includes the PS5

Traditional e-tailers like Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac are out of stock on the PS5. There are a few dozen pieces sold every now and then, but none are overly generous. And often, these merchants take advantage of this to try to sell you televisions or other very expensive electronic devices.

Faced with this observation, telecom operator SFR is trying to get out of the game. stock on PS5 but conditioned on internet box subscription. From a value for money point of view, we’ll explain to you below why this is interesting. Before talking about the price, you should know that you need to have a very good internet connection to enjoy the PlayStation 5.

The PS5 can’t be found anywhere, except on product sales sites. We find it more expensive than what it really is. Whether it’s the Digital Edition or the Standard version, the 2 will go for almost 1,000 euros on the secondary market. However, the PS5 Digital Edition costs 399 euros by default and the Standard 499 euros.

With SFR, you definitely have to subscribe to an internet box, but the PS5 is even more useful: it costs you 241 euros for the Digital Edition version. And most importantly, you can spread its cost over time. SFR charges you a starting fee of 49 euros, then 8 euros per month for 24 months. In the end, you can barely feel the cost of the console.

i will buy a PS5

In return for this console at a reduced rate, you will need to subscribe to SFR Power Fiber. This is the best internet offer available from the operator. It includes a very good speed (1 Gb / s download and 500 Mb / s upload), unlimited calls and 200 TV channels. A decoder is also included.

Must count 34 euros per month for the first year then 53 euros per month in the future. It should also be noted that SFR asks you for a 24 month commitment to take advantage of this internet box and its stock on the PS5. Usually, the box costs very little if you take it alone. But to add to the new PlayStation 5, it’s worth it.

The PlayStation 5 or gaming excellence

If Microsoft has made real efforts in recent months to get their hands on prestigious video game studios, Sony remains an industry leader. His new PS5 has benefited from excellent feedback from everyone who got it on hand. The big advantage is that the PS5 Standard and the Digital Edition versions offer the same performance.

If the Standard version hasn’t been in stock for a long time, sometimes it happens that we find a small amount of PS5 Digital Edition. The latter doesn’t have a Blu-Ray player but that’s not a problem. Just buy games directly online from the PlayStation Store to enjoy the video games catalog. It will only save you from buying physical discs for each of the games.

In terms of overall performance, the SFR’s stock PS5 is a very good product. If you have subscribed to this Box + PS5 formula, you will ship the Sony console to your home within a few days. As we have already said, this new internet subscription should also be taken out. If it forces you to end your optical fiber with another player, know that the operator helps you by covering up to 100 euros in finishing costs.

SFR has offered a flash offering of this class on the PS5 on some notable occasions over the past twelve months. Each time, it takes a few hours at most to sell all of its stock. For this new offer that was just made official this Thursday afternoon, you have to hurry. A few hundred game console units can easily go because the craze is high.

In the worst case, if you don’t like the PS5 Digital Edition, you always have a safety net: you can resell it on a second-hand site for double (or triple) its official price. It’s a great way to put some spinach butter and risk -free on Sony’s next -generation console. However, we are almost certain that you will like this console, it offers a much more successful user experience.

To get to know the PlayStation 5, here it is:

i will buy a PS5

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