Love of stones: the search for painted pebbles throughout France has become an anti-depressant

Followers of “Love on the rocks” enjoyed painting small rocks and hiding them in the path so that a stranger would fall on them. With confinement, these little pebbles are good for morale and can be excuses for new excursions.

Dsmall colored pebbles to bring happiness and maintain social relationships. The idea may seem crazy and yet, it’s a hit. The concept of “Find my pebble” or “Love on the rocks” (literally “love on the stones”) was born in the United Kingdom. In recent years, Facebook pages have imported the idea to France, quickly gathering thousands of members.

The goal is to walk around to hide the “rocks” or find them, with imprisonment, many see this as an excuse to go out and make contact with other followers. “When I joined the Tarn Facebook group in January, there were 300 members. Today, we have 1,700! “Said Asia Rubis (her nickname), 30, who entered the game after seeing a woman throwing a rock.

The “rocks”! Chase them all!

The principle is as simple as a child’s game. Just make a drawing of a small rock, with acrylic paint to make it stick, go hide it in nature and let strangers come and find it. On the back, participants write the name of the Facebook group they belong to to encourage the person who found it to post a photo before hiding it again for others to see.

“It’s a good kid,” explains Jessica, 32, who hunts for pebbles with her family in her Alpes-Maritimes village. Like a treasure hunt, we have clues as to the location of the pebbles thanks to the photos posted on facebook, but we are the only ones looking. The young woman even admitted that she sometimes went for a walk with her husband in search of small rocks, without the children.

@Asia Ruby / screenshot on Facebook

Pebble art therapy

The goal is not to collect them, but that they travel, that they be exchanged. “A small rock from Tarn ends in Reunion (more than 9,000 km away)”, Asia wondered. Thanks to this fun, this mother on parental leave can express her creativity. “I love to draw, but 15 years since I last touched paint, I’ve discovered it again thanks to stone“.

Other artistic pebbles, such as those from Asia, are very popular, but even if you’re quick to burn something, goodness comes first. “Whether you make a simple Barbapapa or a work of art, you are not judged by your art, because the important thing is to please”, testified Ashley, 26 years old. Through this activity, the young woman who lives near La Rochelle found a benefit that she compared to art therapy.

@Asia Ruby / screenshot on Facebook

A side of Madeleine de Proust

The principle of “Love of rocks” is very popular with families and especially with children, but not only … For Cégolène, a “rocker”, as they like to call each other, the participating in the concept brings back childhood memories. “When I saw a little rock, it was like I saw a little treasure, you had a childhood feeling like when we were little, we were happy to pick up a beautiful rock. But most of all, I like the idea of ​​giving gifts to strangers, of bringing joy, ”the 30-year-old added.

Each day, members of Facebook groups will discuss what they know with each other and inspire each other for their next creations. Many find comfort and social bonds there that are virtually non -existent due to health restrictions. “I’ve already met a lot of people thanks to“ Love on the rocks ”and when the bans allow it, we plan a picnic with the group from Tarn”, enthusiastically in Asia. Pebbles, Tinder’s new dating competitor?

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