Kal Ho Naa Ho (Tomorrow Or Not

The story

For Naina Catherine Kapur (Preity Zinta), a young Indian immigrant living in New York, life has not been very happy and has not been since the death of her father. Amid the constant quarrels within her family, from Punjab and half Catholic, the attentions needed by her younger brother and younger sister, her grandmother’s mood swings and financial problems. to her mother (Jaya Bachchan) whom she tries to help as much as she can, the young woman has no time for herself. He doesn’t go out and has no time to indulge himself.

Naina is almost 24 years old, she’s a very serious girl and she’s a bit boring. His only friends are Sweetu, the chubby girlfriend who is very much looking for Prince Charming, and Rohit (Saif Ali Khan), the rude bachelor who has sex with everyone he meets. Then a young man, Aman Mathur (Shahrukh Khan), comes to live in the neighborhood, which is affected by the gusts of wind coming from the sea. He helps people solve their problems and deal with their stretched existence and everyone is grateful to him. He also tries to help Naina, but the girl is upset at what she sees as an intrusion into her private life.… Wikipedia

Technical sheet

Directed by: Nikhil Advani
Screenplay: Karan Johar
Production companies: Dharma Productions
Country of production: India
Genre: romantic drama
Duration 184 min
Released 2003

Distribution : Shahrukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Saif Ali Khan


After Dostoyevsky’s precise introduction, where each character is beautifully presented and placed in a specific context, the film begins at a train station, at least there they meet “at the moment” and their fate is changed forever.

The place and the way it happens can only catch our attention and raise two very important points. “Opportunity”, etymologically “the will of God”. Are we predetermined? And if so, is it possible that the conditions are not met for a love of good and proper form to see the light of day? Is it possible that by “predetermined” we can imagine all the different scenarios? Why should that include a worldly love story? And they live happily and have many children …


Were Naina and Haman predestined? He heard what he was telling his girlfriend and he was touched, still angry. Did he receive Cupid’s famous bow at this exact moment? For you Naina’s race. His outlook on life was so sour, he was cheaply anesthetized on the level of emotions because of his sufferings. He had to take off his glasses, that is, he had to leave this vision combined with a painful past, to find out the evidence of his love for Haman. He almost lost his train.

Aman and Naina meet “at the moment” so in this collapse of moving a train station, at a crucial moment in their lives when an explanation is needed and their destinations intersect forever. Training, metaphor of a passing life. Choice, direction, change.

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Is Haman an angel? One of the ephemeral beings who came to earth to retrieve the pieces, to guide a micro cosmos of lost people who are completely lost? Surprisingly, he was the only one who was never identified. At first, we couldn’t even see his face. Aman is usually there, standing behind the other characters, listening to conversations where needs, desires, frustrations, sadness are expressed, but we don’t always know if he really is there, or if it’s just an illusion. he, a guardian angel ready to kill. the slightest desires to self -harm.

The scene was so touching where the whole family was praying on their knees and Haman saw them from his balcony. It’s safe. Amen. Mao na.

Grandma is not of the same faith. We are often confronted, not only by the wisdom of the elders but also by their stubbornness. So he no longer needed an angel because he might not be able to see it. Besides, he had one at home for seven years ready to show him the way to forgiveness, but he didn’t see it. He just felt contempt for Gia. It was in Haman’s hands that the letter revealing the mystery of this little adopted girl fell “by chance”.

Jennifer adopted her husband’s child, which for her was probably the most difficult situation of her life. Let go of what we can no longer hold, welcome what is given to us even if we do not understand the reasons.

Rohit who agreed to the request of his dying friend, promise me he will be mine in the next life. This may refer to Hindu marriage, the rite means that the woman agrees to be the wife of the man for seven reincarnations. Which seems to indicate that the couple is pre -arranged. So Rohit wasted the next six lives with his beloved.

Tomorrow will happen or not. This is the free translation of Kal Ho Naa Ho. Live in the present, because we do not know what tomorrow will bring. However, Haman did not use it on himself because not only did he reject his lover but he was also directed by his best friend. He knew he was going to die, with the certainty of someone sentenced to death. He left and did so with a smile and detachment, with unconditional love for Naina.


Is he already scheduled for Rohit? Aman was talking to his beloved reading a diary with blank pages, a book that could no longer be written, a life that could no longer be lived. Like a Cyrano de Bergerac, he voluntarily gives his poem to another person to transfer a fate that seems inevitable, the love story between the two that is predetermined. And he will only leave when his mission is accomplished.

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