Disney Dreamlight Valley: If Animal Crossing moves to Disneyland. We saw it!

Game news Disney Dreamlight Valley: If Animal Crossing moves to Disneyland. We saw it!

Would you like to have Goofy as a neighbor while Wall-E rakes your garden and Scrooge is about to open a ready-to-wear store at the end of the road? With Disney Dreamlight Valley, Gameloft wants to take the player into a magical world. In the program: simulation of life, adventure, a shovel of Disney characters to be friends and a lot of personalization. We attended an exclusive demonstration for France to give you a glimpse of what awaits you in this hilarious epic. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

Terms of presentation

We were able to watch a hands-off demo of Disney Dreamlight Valley for an hour (in an enhanced PC version) with part of the development team.

The hybridization between life simulator and adventure game

The idea for Disney Dreamlight Valley came about when the Gameloft development team, fans of the enchanted world of the famous American mouse, wondered what it would be like to live in a world surrounded by all the Disney Pixar characters. If it doesn’t involve action or combat mechanics. After much thought, it was finally the life simulator concept that won the votes with the developers. In the own words of studio members, Disney’s Dreamlight Valley is “a hybrid between a life simulator and an adventure game with all the cool content of a sandbox but also a scripted epic where you have to solve mysteries”.

The demo begins with a typically enchanted universe decomposed by strange roots that place their thorny organ around most of the valley’s structures. The day turned dark, and the inhabitants began to lose their memories. These tragic events took place after the departure of the man in charge of this noble place, the hero whose identity is now hidden. After creating their avatar, the user is greeted by Merlin, whose beard size is only matched by his optimism.. The enchanter is convinced that the character composed by the player is the one chosen to restore the valley to its former glory. It must be recognized that hope is allowed, because in a few minutes, the avatar realizes that he has magical powers capable of destroying the demon’s veins. After a short sequence of magic grass, an orb appears and the druid recovers his memory.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game that sees the encounter between Animal Crossing and Disney Adventure. The adventurer’s mission is to manage a village, bring the inhabitants back to the valley, and befriend them.. To play as a classic third -person software, you need to manage many elements with fun and good humor. The world is divided into large areas inspired by the big Disney-Pixar movies with the countryside (Mickey), the forest (Snow White), the snowy world (Frozen), the savannah (The Lion King), the swamp ( The Princess and the Baki), the beach (Vaiana) and the “Forgotten Land”, A universe specially envisioned for the game. Each biome has its own unique elements (fauna and flora) that can be used to make objects or dishes. Because yes, the player has to look for different resources if he wants to be friends like a pig with Disney heroes.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: If Animal Crossing moves to Disneyland.  We saw it!

Win’s friend

In his desire to free the valley from the terrible threat of oblivion, the player must sympathize with the stars of our childhood. All of the Disney characters known in the game have their own story arc developed through the missions.. It is unlocked according to the level of friendship obtained (from level 1 to level 10) and will provide sandbox bonuses. For example, it’s possible to open Remy’s (Ratatouille) restaurant as well as skins for the avatar. Gameloft wants to create unique stories (in line with Disney) that match the character of the protagonists. For example, Goofy has goals related to fishing or scrapbook making, Mickey wants to find Minnie, and Scrooge wants to fix up his store, find treasures in the valley, and make a profit. “We want Disney characters to be the main reason the player joins our sandbox.“explains Gameloft. The world is also inhabited by small animals that can be tamed in exchange for a little time and lots of food.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: If Animal Crossing moves to Disneyland.  We saw it!Disney Dreamlight Valley: If Animal Crossing moves to Disneyland.  We saw it!

Dreamlight Valley can be shaped by the player using tools (such as shovel, watering can, pickaxe, fishing rod) to be seen as you progress. These very important tools are easily accessible via the selection wheel. Since the goal of the game is to make friends with as many valley dwellers as possible, not only do you need to succeed in special quests, but also prepare small dishes. So the player has the possibility to make a garden with his shovel, sprinkle the seeds with a can of water, and mix different ingredients using pots that are in the world. According to the development studio, a recipe that is too daring won’t ruin a friendship, contrary to what can actually happen. Gradually, alliances are formed, even strengthened, and the player runs the village like a real manager.. With the right words (and especially the right choices), friends roll up their arms and come to give a hand to the user in his daily chores: Goofy fishing and Wall -E garden miracles (or vice versa).

Disney Dreamlight Valley: If Animal Crossing moves to Disneyland.  We saw it!

Interacting with the heroes encountered is the only way to increase the level of his avatar, and therefore to increase his strength, allowing him to perform many sandbox actions before resting at home or eating one. flat. Gameloft makes it clear that it is not possible to spend real money to increase energy levels or improve your character: only cosmetic items can be purchased for a few euros. Once the pickaxe is collected, the cursed blocks are no longer an obstacle for the player. Some special cubes emit light, making parts of the kingdom glow again. The pickaxe is also used to retrieve the materials needed to make certain things. Each time a new area is unlocked, it gives access to new characters to chat with to progress the story.. Because yes, unlike other games in the same genre, Disney Dreamlight Valley has a real scenery, we’re sure.

For geniuses big and small

Although we’re more concerned with the life simulator aspect of Gameloft’s upcoming production, Disney Dreamlight Valley is also an adventure game. In addition to the arches of the account to be discovered by the inhabitants of the valley, the player can go to the Castle of Dreams located in the center of the village.. Inside there are many doors, doors that teleport the adventurer to the universes (called Realms) that belong to other Disney characters who fled the valley when events escalated. During our demo, we observed the world of Wall-E. “Disney Kingdom is an account bubble where you spend time with a character through multiple missions”Summarize the developers. Once again, different motives are proposed to gain the hero’s trust, in this case Wall-E, so that he can return to the village. He was asked, among other things, to cure his worm. The team warns that puzzles, simple at first, can quickly become more complex. The core target of the software is the public aged between 25 and 35, primarily because of the famous puzzles that promise to rack up your brains at specific times, proof if one is needed. that the play is not as aimed only at a young audience. According to Gameloft, between 40 and 60 hours of play is required to complete the main story. The ambition is to constantly add new doors to enhance the endgame experience.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: If Animal Crossing moves to Disneyland.  We saw it!

Personalization at the heart of the business model

Obviously, Disney Dreamlight Valley should remind Animal Crossing of the simulator dimension of its life. Like the game designed by Nintendo, customization is everywhere. The avatar house can be arranged as we wish, just like the valley itself. It is quite possible to move any house and integrate the elements that will be available in the library if we see fit. According to Gameloft, the protagonists of the valley are able to react to the elements that are placed.

Every day, Scrooge’s store gets new clothes to buy and equip. With hats, jewelry, jackets, t-shirts, pants, shoes… will delight lovers of extra personalization. There is even a tool available to make your own clothes using layers. The avatar can be re-imagined at any time, in its facial features and in its body proportions. Disney Dreamlight Valley is viewed as a 100% single player game, even if the team seems to be preparing internally, in the future, expressed around a multiplayer dimension. This can be an opportunity to show your friends a dazzling valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: If Animal Crossing moves to Disneyland.  We saw it!

Disney Dreamlight Valley will be released on Early Access this summer via Founder Packs. Game Pass subscribers also have access. The final version will adopt the Free to Play business model and will be released in 2023. With the launch of Early Access, between 10 and 20 Disney characters to meet are planned. The goal is to add them regularly, just like any good service game. Only cosmetic items can be unlocked for real euros. Disney Dreamlight Valley comes on PC, Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

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