Comedian and ventriloquist Le Cas Pucine on stage in Brioude (Haute-Loire): “I came to play at home”

Capucine Duchamp, known as Le Cas Pucine, was revealed on the show France has incredible talent (he won it in 2019, Ed), will be on stage at Halle aux grains this Saturday, April 30 with his faithful partner Eliott. The ventriloquist did not promise, but his performance, strangleholdshould make the public laugh as well as motivate them.

You were on stage in Brioude on April 30, did you know the place?

I even know the area because all my family is from Issoire and I even have horses near Brioude! I came to play at home.

It’s only been three months since the performances at the Petit Palais des Glaces, do you still have energy left?

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Yes yes, on the contrary it recharges. We’ve been lucky since September to only experience one kind of collective jubilation, so it’s more addictive than tiring.

What is Eliott, does he still have any remaining energy?

Still! He is always full of energy!

In this show, Main Mise, he pushes you to your limits. Is this also the case in daily life?

What I liked, for this show, was the interpretation of the fact that Eliott was pushing me to the limit, but it was for my benefit. The closest people (family, friends, spouse) are the ones who are able to tell us our worst truths because we love each other unconditionally. Sometimes you don’t bother with the social tactics you need to have. I want to put on stage these extremely difficult relationships you can have with people you love so much.

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What topics are covered?

Many, but it speaks in particular of the fear of growth, of denial, the place of magic and the imagination of adult life. Is it still in place? Does growing up mean killing your fantasy? Should it be related to childhood? It talks about things like that.

It’s a funny show, that’s the purpose, but there’s a lot of emotion and show because people know we have a show where we have to always face the challenges of the show so I want to keep that going. at the show and even ramping up everything.

Are you afraid to grow up?

Yes a lot! And what’s a bit ironic is that when I wrote the show, I was younger than I am now (He is 23, editor’s note) and I was cast into another world and suddenly had no more fun. I’ve been on the road for ten months and had a little opponent where I said to myself “ohlala I have the impression that I’m growing so fast”, in maturity so much now that I used to feel like I wasn’t. good enough. It’s funny how this show changed me.

Is there room for improvisation in your show?

That’s what I always do, in improvisation. This is what remains of the show: Eliott’s repartee to the jurors. I won’t reveal everything that was in the show, but obviously there was a lot of improvisation that left a nice amount of freedom.

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What can the public expect? Coming out of Halle aux grains with a cramping cheek? With tears in your eyes?

Yes, cheek cramps and tears in the eyes! We don’t promise them much anymore, I just let them react because they will resonate. I received a lot of messages a few days after my performances telling me it was ticking.

What do you want to say to the Brivadois who are still reluctant to come and see you Eliott?

Don’t hesitate, come and have a good laugh! There are people I know who hang out with others I don’t really know and I often get feedback of “oh but I don’t know, I like it!” fashion. It was a show for everyone.


Show on Saturday 30 April, 9pm at Halle aux grains. Not recommended for people under 10 years. Price: € 25 normal, € 21 reduced, € 10 19-25 and culture pass, € 7 10-18, free under 10. Reservations at or by email at or at

Interview by Maryne Le Goff

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