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Dylan Thiry searched, he found it! Booba has a day on the field to put someone who wants to face him in a ring and who bows to Benjamin Samat!

The former candidate Koh Lanta failed to put on weight during his fight against Benjamin Samat, Wednesday April 6, at the Palais des Sports in Marseille. Victim of a horrific defeat, the images of his failure have a turn on the canvas, and more in the sequence where he seems to be suffering from a dislocated shoulder (which happened so much during the confrontation). But pretty sure of himself, Fiji Ruiz’s tall blond and ex (whom he met on set at Princes and Princesses of Love 6), before his meeting, challenged a famous French rapper to a duel: Booba: “There’s someone I want to deal with and happen because he has no choice if we don’t all know he’s a big victim, it’s Booba. What a mistake! It was enough that Kopp focused on the reality TV candidate who converted to the boxer and followed him again. While this weekend in the 1st round of the presidential elections, Duke was busy following and commenting on the results of the votes, especially that of Eric Zemmour, whose low score he didn’t notice, asked him on Twitter: KÉKIÇÉPACÉ? !! ” he also did not miss Sinik, after his interview in our format The day thatby SCH and Feuneu, and especially not Dylan Thiry whom he has mocked every day since his loss… But this weekend, things have changed!

Booba expressed his support for Sinik, and hurt Dylan, Feuneu, Mbappé and Zemmour [Vidéos]

Funny files and a request for an octagon!

If he respected the fact that Dylan had entered a ring, the day after his loss, Booba sent him a modest message: “You get a taste of real life. Great art, no promo code. Good health and respect all the same, entering the ring is honorable what the outcome of the fight is ”. However, things improved quickly. Booba first revealed a private Instagram exchange with former Fiji teammate Ruiz, in which he showed little interest in a fight against him. From then on, Dylan responded: “I will just buy without my promo code […] I’m going with Cyril tonight to watch C8 ” B2o responded: “I don’t, I have a job, I work. Will you say your defeat? Be proud of your weaknesses. Anyway thanks, we laughed. Good luck in the future “. An exchange ended with reality TV’s candidate : “The days when you had the balls you called me without headphones of course (refers to the fight Booba had while wearing protections, Editor’s note) and even on the fallen shoulder, always with hope of one day facing the Duke. But the latter continued his attacks, first by constantly reposting the sequence of Dylan’s screams because of his shoulder dislocation, especially this comment: “The man is at the end. Why do you bite a rag, you fool “, then through various stories on the subject reminding him of what he did “destruction”.

Booba, after posting the famous video of his fight in Thai boxing that he won and where he wore a helmet, will once again take another step by seizing the bizarre files involving Dylan . First a file revealing that his body was later sold! A file dated from 2014 according to Dylan, himself, as he specified in a new private conversation posted on B2Oand where he asked him “update” and give it to him “an octagon in 6 months.” But this time, Booba who once again declined the invitation to fight, replied: “No, I don’t fight prostitueeyyyy, I paid them and I rejected them”, while Dylan insisted: “We’ll talk about that in a few months.” On the screen of this conversation, the rapper writes a comment, as warning his opponent that everything is under control: “@dylanthiry don’t I know what I’m doing?”

booba conv dylan 2

It means here that Dylan is a prostitute, the Duke goes on by returning another (old) file: a relationship with another man, Babacar! Supporting photos and videos, Kopp is thus doing a good unpacking, even removing his hat in an interview with a man, the alleged Babacar, where his new goat goat may have a relationship, and who reacts to the fight with his… ex (“Sweetheart, what are you doing in the boxing ring…?”) ! By the way, Booba also mocked the song Dylan chose to enter the ring during the fight against Benjamin Samat: du Rohff! One choice he commented on: “The voice of defeat!” Afterwards, we discover a third private conversation between the 2 guys, where Dylan announces that for his next fight, he will be entering Booba! We let you discover all of this, but most of all remember: Piracy never ends !!!

Reality TV: Benjamin Samat defeats Dylan Thiry, mocking Booba [Vidéo]

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