Animal rescue firefighters: unique on the menu

We know how much we owe to firefighters, who are involved in extreme situations, which is always dramatic. Little do we know that they speed up the beating of hearts, by rescuing animals or keeping them away. Each time, a unique story is written.

“People call us. For animals in distress, that’s usually the case. ” That day, at an intersection of Semoutiers road, a ruined barn owl was spotted. It was confusing to watch the wounded animal. Immediate reaction: call the fire brigade. “A barn owl hit by a car”. New access to the emotion of Chaumont, if passers-by are surprised there… one by one. The animal took refuge in a bus shelter. “He was hit by a car, he was injured.” But how does Field Bambi mutate into City Bambi? “Breathing in the rapeseed probably made him drunk, and took away all his belongings”. The animal’s plight was polluting, firefighters were called. Believing that we feel somewhat responsible for the deer’s misfortune. In this situation, you need to know how to do it … so SOS the firefighters.

Bambi in the countryside became Bambi in the cities… (DR).

“The dog didn’t think, he jumped on the lock”

“The owner of a dog plays and throws a ball at it. When he fell into the Choignes lock… ”. Neither one nor two, “the German guard did not think, he jumped”. The water is at a low level, the smooth walls prevent the dog from getting out of the trap. “He’s swimming, he’s swimming … and he’s tired”. The firefighters agreed that without them, the animal’s fate would have been written: his drowning was assured. A rescuer put on his harness, descended under the lock along a rope hung by a carabiner on the edge of the hole. “The dog shows confidence”. The animal understands that it cannot escape it alone. “I put a triangle under his stomach. I restrained him and climbed the stairs with the help of my companions, who were dragging us. The dog is heavy… ”But it happens outside of dry land. The situation happened again without a ball game, with two badgers. This time, the intervention was done by boat. A badger survived.

Badger fishing … (DR).

He pointed at a dove and fell into the void

“Seeing a dove resting on the railing on the balcony of his master’s apartment, a Labrador jumped to catch it”. The dog forgot that his master’s apartment was located at 10and floor of a building. “He fell into the void”. When firefighters arrive, the animal is still alive, they take it to the veterinary clinic. Alas, so badly injured, this dog could not recover from such a fall.

Boars to skate

“A wild boar dared to cross the canal of Froncles…” And some brothers followed him. Except that in winter, the water freezes in their movements. “They found themselves skating …”. Imagination is necessary, because “it is impossible to risk life for them”. Firefighters surrounded the pigs with a rope, and brought them back to the bank by sliding. For the rescuer holding a pig, the rope was removed from his hands. Now, the speakers keep a good laugh. In Fayl-Billot, and this time in June, there is much more, but the sweetness invites itself. Sheep and sheep roam the road. Firefighters will help their owner recover it.

The missing coral snake… was found

“We are always called upon to catch reptiles”. In the homes of individuals or companies. “In Treix, we look for snakes under furniture. They can also be found under barbecue rocks or… in cars ”. And then there’s this thing … within, marking the spirits. A firefighter from Bourbonne-les-Bains who oversaw NAC training for his -NAC counterparts as new pets “can no longer find his coral snake”. Last spring, while firefighters were engaged in the national cross-country in Lamotte-Beuvron… a snake poked its nose in the VTP… and it was the missing snake. “Since November, he has been hibernating and, at the first glimmer of the sun, he wakes up”.

No animals were left aboard the damaged vehicles

Without firefighters, the young cat is set for death (DR).

“Very recently, in Langres, we went to retrieve a young cat under the floating floor”. And then there are the fools to be driven away, in the Rivière-les-Fosses. In Chaumont, the wolf landed on the roof of a press house knowing how to get on their heels. In January, some cattle were trapped in a overturned cattle truck in Serqueux. “We also take care of pets aboard vehicles involved in traffic accidents”. Although there is an agreement with the municipality, or there is a SPA to take the animal there. But usually there is no one or the other. “We take the dog or the cat back to the barracks …”.

Fabienne Aussere

The Langrois collector

“A woman in her fifties called us: her cat attacked her”. Unusual interventions, this firefighter from Langres collects them. “When we arrived, he was sitting on his couch. It was crazy: his face, his arms perfectly clenched, and deep. The walls of the apartment were broken. The cat in question lay peacefully in an armchair, his madness gone. However, our langrois savior was stunned. “Since then, I’ve been scared of cats…”. The same participated in a search for… ara. “The bug flew out of the apartment window and landed on a tree.” At first, firefighters tried to arrest him using a large ladder. “He made us laugh.” When the animal arrives… it lands on a nearby tree. “One of us had a bright idea …”. The parrot is hosed down, so as not to fly. “After that, we just have to cast the net”.

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