School Gender Equality Week: Announcements, Partnerships and Events

This week is designed to strengthen the mobilization of schools around International Women’s Rights Day and thus education for equality in all its dimensions (education against stereotypical representations, education for mutual respect) , awareness of issues of diversity and professional equality, raising awareness of the fight against sexist. and sexual violence).

The School of the Republic participated in the formation of citizenship and contributed to the freedom of every individual. This is why the ministry promotes an active policy in favor of equality between women and men, so that every student can be an independent man or woman, able to choose their personal and professional future as well. also to build their life in society as a citizen. .

A culture of equality is relevant to all aspects of student life at school and in the establishment, during class time and time outside of school. It is based on the lessons and teaching practices as well as the educational actions taken on this topic. It means mobilizing the entire educational community: students, teaching and educational staff, social and health staff, as well as families.

The fight against gender stereotypes, the fight against all forms of sexism and sexual violence, the promotion of real health education, the making of sexuality education that meets the expectations and needs of students, are major part of the development and the spread of a culture of restraint and knowledge aimed at all, women and men.

On this week’s occasion, Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports, will participate in a number of activities and sign several agreements that are all opportunities to showcase the diversity of social cooperation. civil society and the economic and professional world.

The implementation methods of the measures result from the report “Making equality between women and men a new stage in 21st century high school implementation”, submitted in July 2021, the Minister will announce this week:

  • Creating a label “gender equality” for middle and high school (LGT and LP) accompanied by a circular and a specification/label reference system published this week;
  • The experiment of many “mixed scholarship” academies, benefited students who already had scholarships and participated in specialist courses or technological series where they were in the gender minority. This experiment may be related to some of the following specialties or series:
    • Six general stream specialties are identified specifically without blends: Digital and computer science (NSI); Engineering sciences (IS); Humanities, Literature and Philosophy (HLP); Arts; Literature, Language and Culture of the Past (LLCA);
    • Three technologically advanced series were also identified as particularly uncomplicated: Science and technology for industry and sustainable development (STi2D); Health and social sciences and technologies (ST2S) and Design and applied arts sciences and technologies (STD2A).
  • The definition, for establishments, which is the furthest from it, of the targets of 30% gender diversity in training is characterized by the lowest rate of gender diversity (specialty courses in the general stream, technological series and post-baccalaureate streams ) in a 5-year sphere, based on academic initiatives

Various events of the week

  • Monday March 7: arrival at Gare de Lyon, in the presence of Jean Castex and Jean-Michel Blanquer, of the first Train for Equality, proposed by the Women’s Foundation, after a tour of France of 10 days and 9 cities , with an exhibition, training and conferences on employment, professional equality, health, violence prevention, street harassment prevention.
  • Tuesday, March 8 in the morning: visit of the Minister and signing of the partnership agreement with the Maison des femmes de Saint-Denis (93) to combat violence against women. The purpose of this agreement is to promote the intervention of Maison des Femmes personnel in schools or educational establishments, within the framework of health and sexuality education.
  • Tuesday, March 8 in the afternoon: activity at SAP company headquarters, in Levallois-Perret, related to Never without them to encourage young girls to follow science, technology, engineering and mathematics courses (STEM). As part of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union, this visit will take place in the presence of high school students and Laura André-Boyet, engineer at the European Astronaut Center, the only French woman to practice the teaching profession at astronauts.
  • Wednesday, March 9 at SNCF headquarters in Saint-Denis: met with the Observatory of diversity and professions to participate in a round table on orientation and diversity of professions.
  • Friday March 11, at Toulouse Academy: Minister’s launch of “encouraging numbers”, with a first conference bringing together middle and high school students around Nodji Myaro, Yohan Huget and Sofiane Oumiha.

Other national events of the week:

  • For the 10th consecutive year, Youth Awareness Weeks-Women and Entrepreneurship are organized, from March 7 to 25, 2022in partnership with 100,000 entrepreneurs ’associations, whose purpose is to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and women’s achievement among young women and men aged 13 to 25. During this 10th edition, 1,800 women entrepreneurs will meet more than 40,000 young people in 16 regions.
  • Opening of registers for the Zéro Cliché competition for equality between women and men organized by CLEMI to invite school, college and high school students to deconstruct sexist stereotypes in media, sport, fashion, school, family.
  • From Monday March 7 to Friday March 10, from 6pm to 7pm, series of webinars offered by DNE’s national education staff on the theme “At least 30% diversification in the digital sector in 5 years! How to get there?”.

This week is also the occasion for a number of actions in schools, accompanied by an Eduscol page highlighting this mobilization.

Girls and boys towards equality – DEPP publication

On the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, the Department of Evaluation, Foresight and Performance of the Ministry published on March 8, 2022 its annual booklet entitled “Girls and boys on the path to equality – from school to higher education: educational pathways and outcomes, what is the difference between girls and boys?”.

Ministry of Equality-Diversity labeling process-AFNOR:

Finally, to continue the national action plan 2021-2023 MENJS/MESRI for professional equality between women and men, the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports committee, together with the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, in a certification process to obtain the label “professional equality of women and men” and the label “diversity” issued by AFNOR. These labels affirm the candidate institution’s commitment to these policies, and translate them into concrete human resources management actions to prevent discrimination and guarantee fair treatment of agents in all HR (recruitment processes). , promotion, access to training, etc.).

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