Nintendo Switch Sports test, did it win the gold medal?

The competition continues: can Nintendo Switch Sports be better than its predecessor Wii Sports? Answer to this test.

You remember Wii Sports ? Most gamers today must have already played it during their childhood or adolescence, and it is still one of the most beautiful games Nintendo has released on the Wii. The company’s incentives to repeat the experience of a new Nintendo Switch opus are therefore clear.

Nintendo Switch Sports, it’s a guaranteed return to childhood, and Nintendo’s way of bringing kids and seniors into a family, sporty and accessible game. The company’s stake is to manage to combine nostalgia and modernity to create a title that will mark the era of the video game as it did its predecessor. Has Nintendo accomplished its ambitions, or is it on the sidelines for this season? Answer to this test Nintendo Switch Sports.

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3, 2, 1, walk!

You already understand this in our management of the game Nintendo Switch Sports partially won over us, although we have a brief look at what it could do. As a reminder, it invites you to roll up your sleeves and participate in 6 sports disciplines, some of which are already known to the public. On the menu, we find iconic tennis and bowling, chambara, football, volleyball and finally badminton.

So there is something for everyone with team and individual sports, outdoors or indoors. Some of them have been able to make their way since then Wii Sports or its version Resorts released some time later. With joy and enthusiasm we rediscovered tennis and bowling, which are in every way the same in mechanical terms. However, be careful in bowling, which requires a lot of help to master the effects of the ball, which is sometimes arbitrary.

Credits: Nintendo / JDG

As for the new ones, it’s just as enjoyable to manage as the old ones. Badminton and volleyball are perfect examples of Nintendo’s sensational mastery, as they are both relatively technical games that require little time to adapt. Victory is not given to you on a plate, usually accuracy reigns supreme. This is also the case with the chambara, which never left its place at the time.

Only football is entitled to preferential treatment, and fortunately, otherwise it is hard to follow. The Nintendo Switch Sports version doesn’t strictly apply the rules of real football, but the difficulty is evident in the game’s mechanics, which Joy-Con proves that you have to use a pair just for this sport.

The program is so diverse and the activities that Nintendo offers are all disciplines of choice. Some of them, like bowling or even chambara, have special modes that allow you to rediscover games from a different, more fun angle. You can also fully customize your games thanks to integrated settings, and options like “play together” for bowling, for example. This is a much -needed addition if Nintendo wants to satisfy its players in the long term.

However, we wouldn’t say no to some more games, even if it means getting more inspiration from what the Wii Sports. If we know the studio will be entertaining us with a new game this fall – which is golf – we hope this isn’t the last planned addition. However, nintendo-switch Sports have more than just proper replayability, which is also enriched by an online mode, which we’ll discuss later.

Don’t be afraid to wet the jersey

When it comes to sports games, Nintendo is in familiar ground. Aside Wii Sportswe are also entitled to some great titles, including WiiFit or Ring Fit Adventure. In comparison, Nintendo Switch Sports obviously not as severe, but after an hour of playing, you can definitely come out with pain in your arm.

However, you don’t go out for a session Transfer to Sports with the impression of imposing and training. The variety of disciplines on offer and the fun they provide means that every minute spent in the game can be summed up as pure fun. In addition, Nintendo changed this opus by combining the first game to be played on legs. It’s not (yet) about strictly speaking football, but about penalty shootings, which require a headband to hang Joy-Con.

soccer test nintendo switch sports
Credits: Nintendo

This is the great strength of the studio: to be able to successfully create something new using something old, by offering a newer but faster game. If we have to take each game individually, we will definitely find things we like more or less. But without mentioning flavors and colors, we can say that all disciplines are equally realistic and inexpensive in terms of difficulty. No jealousy, they were all ahead of the podium.

Nintendo Switch Sports, so it’s a game we believe connects generations, bringing together new and experienced players, franchise experts and newcomers. Nintendo understands its power, and once again uses it wisely.

We don’t change a winning team, we modernize it

In addition to the fun aspect, and the competition aspect, we’ll see Nintendo Switch Sports a beautiful and colorful universe, still witnessing the display of console graphics. We didn’t complain about the overall look of the game or even its visual experience (views, camera angles, etc.). We still appreciate the effort to immerse ourselves in the virtual sports complex that is Spocco Square. It changes from the soulless menus to its predecessor.

nintendo switch sports
Credits: Nintendo / JDG

Also a big innovation, the Miis, famous characters that appeared with the Wii, have been replaced with new faces, more stylized and in keeping with the times. To create your profile, and at any time of your session, you can customize your character, as well as their clothes. From what we’ve seen, the customization options are very limited by default, and you’ll need to earn points if you want them to be redeemed for additional outfits and accessories. Purists are also grateful for the fact that Miis is still a practical option.

Clearly, Nintendo Switch Sports is also the perfect opportunity for you to play with your loved ones, most games accept local Multiplayer mode for up to 4 people. So it should be easy to place itself in the back of the package for parties or family gatherings, together Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and companies.

Participate in global competition

Finally, we want to measure our level against players around the world for this test. Nintendo Switch Sports. To do this, go into online mode, which has some advantages to offer us. If the operation of Spocco Square is almost the same, and you have access to the same games, some nuances will be made for some game modes.

For example, there is a variation on bowling, which takes the form of a battle royale online. In a choice of 3 rounds, you have to try to impose yourself against 15 other players. That’s why we’re going up a notch in the competition and we have to admit that it’s more fun than measuring yourself against your loved ones. As the games progress, things get harder and you find more powerful opponents.

However, we forgot the special mode for bowling and penalty shootout for football, only chambara continues its imaginary game modes by offering like the usual energy saber and double sabers. However, there are some advantages, especially the possibility to check multiple games, which allows you to search for multiple games at the same time, or even launch a random game.

With each win, you earn points for your participation and thus get cosmetic elements to customize your character. It is done randomly and according to temporary collections, which encourages you to play to change your virtual avatar. Nintendo Switch Sports also rewarded fair play by awarding some points even to the losers. After all, the important thing is to get involved!

After a good two hours of play, there was still not even the slightest trace of the leagues, so we thought they were unlocked either from one level, or that they would be available later. More details will be provided in this test if we know more.

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