Nicolas (Love is in the pasture) in the worst since his accident, shocking revelations from Ludivine

Fans were forced to wait for the show Love is in the pasture continue. In fact, viewers discovered the new photos a few weeks ago. So the lovers wrote to their favorite farmer. The public just needs to be patient up to the stage of opening the letter. In the meantime, they closely follow the old love stories. We recently heard from Nicolas, a farmer who has found love in Ludivine’s arms. Oops, bad ads…

Love is in the pasture: a farmer left uninsured

Nicholas sa Love is in the pasture had a serious accident at work on September 22, 2021 and he lost a good portion of his front teeth. Since this mistake, the couple has been fighting with insurance companies to get them paid. In fact, the farmer needs money to restore his teeth. But, so far, it has not won, as no solution has been offered to him. Scandal! This Monday, April 25, Nicolas ’boyfriend shared some unhappy news.

A very serious accident at work

Many Internet users are wondering about the health status of the farmer from Love is in the pasture and how the accident happened. In fact, the Morbihan cattle breeder has “ kicked in the jaw of the cow“. After the brutal shock, he unconscious for a few minutes “and “the lip was destroyed“. Ludivine immediately aborted her three children: Abriel (6 years old), Maël (4 years old) and Ninon (3 years old). In fact, they may be traumatized to see their father in this bloody state.

He contacted his in-laws and the farmer from Love is in the pasture taken to the emergency room. ” Nicolas has 7 small teeth, has 2 on the puck. Fractures, bruises. The lip where a piece is missing. Now that there aren’t many piercings left, you have to understand that we can’t put in any teeth we want, even ceramics. He has little roots and little bones. The estimate is very high, here are the consequences of a work accident“, He confessed.

A dangerous situation for Nicolas de Love is in the pasture “

The couple contacted various insurance companies and the MSA (Mutualité sociale agricole) to successfully obtain financial assistance. Alas, in March, none of the insurance companies took a position. Today, the situation is still unresolved for Nicolas who lives without teeth. ” So far, we don’t have much feedback from the MSA on the consulting dentist. We are still waiting for quotes for dentures. We saw the social worker tell us no one wanted to try. Nicolas, to take care of everyone, had to be headless, mouthless, nothing. Let him really smash his whole face. Her lips are a bit small and her teeth are a bit small… But that’s not enough. »

He added: “Otherwise, he has cancer of the mouth, teeth or tongue. So in agriculture, we don’t care“, The candidate’s colleague raised Love is in the pasture.

A solution that does not please the farmer

Lovers also went to a hospital stomatologist who specializes in this area. He offered her a solution to rebuild his teeth, but Nicolas de Love is in the pasture denied. He told us it was a bone and human graft that had to be done. So from the bone of Nicolas’s skull to back through the hole. Then to redirect us to Nantes. So that means you still have to do polyclinic consultations and quotes. But Nicolas doesn’t want to be in pain, making a bone graft that might not work. Months and months of waiting. The bone grafting option has been eliminated“, He explained.

The farmer of Love is in the pasture seems to be at an impasse. However, he wanted to be treated by a dentist to ” make a bar and fix its implants“. However, without help, it is a significant expense. ” We were asked to change the quotes for dentures. Knowing that he cannot tolerate temporary dentures“, Finished Ludivine.

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