Mathieu and I admit that he is about to break up with Alexandre!

“I almost left him.” This is what he said in an interview. Mathieu (Love is in the pasture) recounts these most difficult times with Alexandre.

When love is obvious, you won’t hesitate about it. We dared and we had fun! This is exactly what happened to the two lovers in season 15 of Love is in the meadow.

Mathieu and Alexandre have been in perfect love since they met. But on 66 Minutes, the M6 ​​show, they revealed that their age difference was causing some problems within their couple.

Mathieu (Love is in the pasture) and Alexandre: where it all began

Mathieu (Love is in the Pasture) and Alexandre went unnoticed in season 15 of this show. In fact, from the stage of fast dating, the two are in love. The tide passed very quickly. After the show, they embarked on a series of joint projects. They got together and got married. They are even thinking of starting a family.

One thing is for sure, viewers following season 15 of “Love is in the meadow” were attracted to Mathieu (Love is in the meadow) and Alexandre. They differ in many things, but also work together with each other.. We share with you an excerpt from this touching moment in this article.

The beginning of their love story in this program is complicated. In fact, it is not a long and peaceful river. First, the fact that they are formed the first pair of men mentioned more than once. Then there’s the big age difference between Mathieu (Love is in the pasture) and Alexandre.

Despite their differences and their diseases, the couple still love each other. In fact, Mathieu (Love is in the pasture), at the age of only 44, suffers from an incurable disease called Cadasil. When she heard the terrible news, she decided to sign up for the show and find the love of her life. Her goal is to spend the time she has left with someone who is real.

The couple’s hard times

On Sunday April 24, the M6’s cover program “66 minutes” offered a topic of both. Loving each other despite their 20 years of difference. As Xavier de Moulins reminds us, very little of 8% of couples are 10 years or more apart. A topic in which Mathieu (love of the grass) and Alexandre are involved.

Mathieu (Love is in the pasture) the bull breeder admits he has serious concerns about his relationship, with Alexander because of the age of his partner. “I never wanted to be younger. It is impossible, ”he explained.

By his side, the former jockey insisted that she no longer wanted a man in her “thirty”. But despite this the couple is still together. As with all relationships, there can be a high point. Mathieu (Love is in the pasture) is about to stop.

Mathieu (Love is in the pasture) continues: “I never thought of meeting a younger 20 -year -old. »The first three months were very difficult because Alexandre was suffering a moment of doubt. But they stay because the truth is there: these two love each other!

Mathieu’s question (Love is in the pasture)

Only after Alexandre’s horrific accident does Mathieu (L’amour est dans le pré) realize that he can’t live without him. His young companion used to be severely injured at work. In fact, he was in a precarious condition with a triple fracture of the upper arm, another open head after a kick and an end of the arch of the foot. “That day, I decided to ask her to marry me,” Mathieu continued.

However, the age difference is still felt every now and then. Mathieu (Love is in the pasture) has to admit it. But as said “Love has no age”, Alexandre reminded him in an encouraging tone. And together, they look to the future with great confidence “with two small children running around”. That’s all we wish for them!

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