Love stories in 2 sentences (2nd part)

Second part of our file dedicated to MHSC players wearing the MHSC aillot twice

thierry laurey

(1988-1989 then 1991-1997)

Loaded by MHSC for the first time at Olympique de Marseille during 1987-1988, Thierry Laurey completed a more than convincing first workout in the Montpellier jersey, which was the main part of the Pailladins ’good run at the time. (9th). His footballing qualities, his charisma and his soul as a leader made him a missed man when he had to leave the club at the end of his loan. But there too, it seems written that the current coach of Paris FC will one day return to Montpellier. This was the case 3 years ago when Thierry returned to Montpellier in the spring of 1991. This time, his stay at Hérault was longer since he first finished his playing career there in 1997 before making his retraining as a teacher within the club. After managing all the youth teams, becoming coach of the reserve team then assistant coach of the pennant team, this former defender or central midfielder successively coached the teams of Sète, Amiens, Arles-Avignon, Gazélec Ajaccio, Racing Club de Strasbourg and Paris FC. His record with Montpellier as a player: 266 games played in all competitions in 8 seasons for 27 goals scored, the 12th most sought after player in the history of club

Bruno Alicarte

(1989-1995 then 1999-2000)

Right behind the 1994 Coupe de France finalist team, Bruno Alicarte is part of the generation of Rouvière, Carotti, Lefèvre and Bonnissel. After leaving to try his luck at Bastia, Alavès (Spain) and Neuchâtel Xamax (Switzerland), Bruno Alicarte immediately returned to MHSC for a season (1999-2000), without returning the club’s jersey to the first team. .

NENAD Džodic

(1997-2004 then 2007-October 2012)

As for Philippe Delaye, the end of his first spell was marked by the relegation of the Montpellier club to Ligue 2 in the summer of 2000. An indelible stain where he was far from responsibility because Nenad was seriously injured. on his knees at the start of the year that year, but he wanted to redeem himself. Left free after this downfall, he went on for 3 seasons under the colors of AC Ajaccio. Always very inspired when it comes to uniting his teams, it is almost reasonable that the duo Michel Mézy – Rolland Courbis (both ex -coaches of Nenad) chose to call him back to build the operation that brought him back to Ligue 1 One. bet that the Marseille technician and the most Montpellier-based Serbian international defenders took two years before it was celebrated with total joy during the remarkable victory against Strasbourg on May 29, 2009. Captain of that night and an important part of MHSC during this return to the top flight, Nenad spent a full time with MHSC before experiencing the end of his career hampered by injuries. A player renowned for his technical qualities but also for his sense of duty and teamwork, Nenad has held the position of recruiter for the Montpellier club since the end of his career.

Fabien Lefevre

(1991-1997 then 2000-2004)

Her long blond hair and her long ride on her wing have shaken an entire generation of Montpellier supporters. But in Montpellier, Fabien Lefevre is the symbol of MHSC’s values: a family club, players who don’t lead, kids full of talent and imbued with the spirit of Paillade. A prolific striker, a skilled passer due to his good sense of co -operation, ‘‘ Fabi ’’ was a complete player when he left in the spring of 1997, heading for AS Monaco. This is probably the reason why Jean Tigana, former coach of the reigning French champion, has made this his recruitment priority. Unfortunately, his time at Stone was hampered by injuries and after 3 seasons away from La Mosson, including one on loan from Nancy, it was almost reasonable that Michel Mézy called him up when building the team that had to allow MHSC, just moved to Ligue 2, to see the elites on the move. The bet was successful and “Fabi” was one of the leading architects. After three seasons in the elite, Thierry Laurey’s current assistant coach ended his career in the summer of 2004 before becoming a coach recognized by all within the Pailladin club.

White twill

(1991-1997 then 2001-2004)

A member of the generation that led MHSC to the 1994 Coupe de France final against Auxerre, Serge Blanc made more than a convincing first stint at Montpellier, the club where he trained. Leaving Marseille in the summer of 1997, this left-back with strong manners then joined Lyon, the club in his hometown next season before spending 3 seasons there. With a lack of playing time between Rhône and Saône, he made a second visit to Montpellier between 2001 and 2004, when he ended his career.

Victor Hugo Montano

(2005-2010 then 2013-January 2015)

Arriving at the club during the summer of 2005 from FC Istres, Victor-Hugo Montaño then had the heavy task of leading the Montpellier attack while securing successive Carlos Valderrama, Colombian idol in Paillade history. . After a complicated start, Victor experienced a positive click under the direction of Rolland Courbis. First author of the successful penalty that allowed MHSC to remain tight and avoid relegation to the National after a victory against Grenoble at la Mosson on May 25, 2007 (1-0), Victor then became a scoring machine (6th goalcorer in club history. with 48 goals). A key figure in the club’s recovery in 2009, he confirmed his full potential by achieving a beautiful season next year in Ligue 1 (11 goals and numerous assists). Transferred to Stade Rennais in the summer of 2010, this very strong and extremely combative striker spent 3 years away from La Mosson before returning in the summer of 2013. Pailladin fans were able to sing the song dedicated to him: “le scorer of the Paillade to Montaño….» until January 2015 and his departure from Mexico. Like several of his successors mentioned above, Victor will remain one of the most famous ambassadors of the Paillade spirit because of his talent, his fighting spirit and his irresistible mentality.

remy cabella

(2004-2014 then since April 2022)

So he is in history as the first French Champion in 2012 to return to the crowd. After the first stint in 10 years punctuated by a French Champion title, a Champions League campaign and Gambardella Cup success, the Montpellier attacking midfielder therefore returned home a few weeks ago. After stints at Newcastle, Olympique de Marseille, AS Saint-Etienne and FK Krasnodar, the French international with a smile and 5-star talent has returned to the house where he was born … to the delight of Montpellier fans.

*This file does not take into account players who have made 2 club visits after being loaned out to the Montpellier club.

** Régis Durand and Jacky Vergnes could have appeared in this article for having twice played at Montpellier but not at MHSC or MPSC. During their 1st visit, the two men actually played at Montpellier-Littoral for the 1st and SO Montpellier for the second.


The history of the women’s section of MHSC (which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year) is also marked by the return of former players who have completed a double stint at the Montpellier club. The first of them was that of Kelly Gadéa who, after launching at the age of 14 at D1 in 2005, left Saint-Etienne, before returning to her training club four years later. He wore the MHSC colors for eight additional seasons. During this time, Hoda Lattaf, who was one of the pioneers in this section, also returned to the club after a spell at Lyon and ended his career at Hérault. The latest to make two stints at the Pailladin club is current AC Milan defender Laura Agard. Recruited in the summer of 2006 when she was just 17, Laura first wore the Montpellier jersey for three seasons (2006-2009), before returning between 2015 and 2018, taking a important part of MHSC’s qualification for the Champions League in 2017, the first. for eight years.

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