Laurent (Love is in the pasture), depressive and suicidal: his terrible confidence

Laurent and Maud met thanks to the M6 ​​program, hosted by Karine Le Marchand, Love is in the pasture. For fans of this program our readers, there is no need to make introductions. For others, love is in pre allows farmers to offer their profiles on television. Then, the audience sent letters to the production to meet with them. Several stages follow, including speed dating or staying on the farm. At the end of the adventure, Laurent and the other candidates make their choices and the lucky ones can rejoice to have found the love of their lives.

But one of the axes of the M6 ​​program is also the promotion of difficult professions. In fact, farmers carry the country’s food security at arm’s length and they are not recognized for their fair value. The difficulties they face are that many of them end their lives every year. And as Laurent entrusted it to Jeremstar, he was about to finish it again. Objeko brings you the touching testimony of Maud’s companion.

Laurent rediscovered the taste of life thanks to Maud’s love

If Laurent hadn’t already joined Love is in the pasture, he may no longer be in the world. In fact, obstacles fund his daily life. He was sad and upset. By struggling every day, he no longer tasted anything and thought of quitting for good. Faced with his day-to-day difficulties, Laurent is sometimes supported by a social worker. And he was the one who suggested that the farmer sign up Love is in the pasture. In fact, he understands the magnitude of his grief and he believes that only love can restore his taste in life. As Laurent told Jeremstar, he wasn’t wrong.

We were in 2019 when Laurent and Maud met and fell in love. So the couple knew that they also owed a lot to that social worker who wanted to help the farmer. “Laurent, I want to see you sign up. I will try to write you a letter. Maybe you can meet someone who will make you happy. », he told her. Then, as Maud’s companion explained, she accompanied her approach to the end. “He helped me write a letter that I sent to production. The social worker took care of me because I had a fairly complicated private history. »he said.

Objeko you won’t be surprised by telling you that this social worker is more of a friend to the couple. According to our colleagues from the magazine Pure manhe could have been “very friendly” to Maud.

Cooling secrets

While Maud and Laurent were interviewed by Jeremstar, the former candidates Love is in the pasture more and more comfortable. As the couple showed on Instagram, they met a sincere and sensitive human friend on youtubeur. Thus, they opened their hearts and did not hesitate to approach dangerous topics. In particular by saying that, if it does not participate in Love is in the pasture, Laurent is likely to try to end his life. Holding on to a terrible depression, the M6 ​​issue allowed him to bring a little bit of sunlight into his life. “I lost confidence. Everything around me collapsed, I was no longer sure of myself. I’m sad. »by Laurent.

“I came to a stage, at that time, where I saw all black, I was alone. I was not well. I used to intend to do things that should not be done, such as killing myself.», in addition to the farmer. In effect, Objeko telling you, Laurent knows he has escaped the worst.

Thanks for Love is in the pasture and when he meets Maud, Laurent is saved from his dark and suicidal thoughts. The difficulties of his daily life did not go away. But he finds a kind of confidence that allows him to deal with it. And most of all, he has a partner to support him so that they can overcome, together, all the obstacles that may stand in their way. A path they have chosen that will lead them to happiness!

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