This 23-year-old model is defending her relationship with her 63-year-old boyfriend

A woman falls in love with a man 40 years older than her and insists he is not her sugar daddy. The couple went viral on TikTok after sharing details of their life together, but the trolls violently suggested he was only interested in his money.

Willow Sias, 23, a model and actress from North Carolina, USA, started finding love with the dating app Tinder in December 2021. The woman is easily flooded with likes and requests. So he felt overwhelmed and decided to delete his profile.

Determined to find the perfect man, he tried again in February 2022, and a particular profile caught his eye. Willow spotted David Simonini, a 63-year-old professional blackjack player and house builder, who immediately caught his eye.

At first, the two lovebirds believed each other’s profile was fake, but they decided to risk meeting for a first date, reports the Daily Mail. They immediately fell in love.

“The connection was quick and we fell in love for an hour,” Willow said. “This is my first and only Tinder date. We had dinner right away because I had an interview that night. We have cheap mirrors. Our energy is very good and we like to eat the same things. I believe we became closer through the experiences and vibes we shared. »

Despite their age difference, the couple has many common interests, including regularly going out for five-star dinners and partying.

The businessman loves his girlfriend and never rejects the desire of his heart. For example, after mentioning that he craves tuna, David takes Willow tuna fishing. To make her face smile, she also bought him a car as a “midweek present” and an act of love.

This isn’t the first time Willow has dated an older man. In fact, she has already dated a 42-year-old man and another 37-year-old.

“I dated an older man for a few months and our age difference was about 20 years,” he said. “I also dated a 42-year-old man for about two years. The first was the man of my dreams, but I liked him so much and I was scared, so I rejected him. I’m glad I did, because it brought me to David. »

“My last relationship started the same way as this one, but the guy never kept his promises. David kept his word to everyone, which was really sexy for me. She made sure I was taken care of, that I was comfortable and I didn’t need anything, which was very important to me. I need that kind of strength and security in my life right now. »

Willow said her family and friends have already accepted her new boyfriend, though some believe David is her “sugar daddy”.

“My parents loved that he made me happy and he was so good to me. He recently bought me a Mercedes AMG as a gift on ‘Happy Thursday’, so he really hurt me to death, which my dad did too. .He is very grateful that I have someone who treats me like he does. My friends love us too, but some still believe he is my sugar daddy. »

Despite the mixed reactions, the couple said they were not worried about their age difference and chose to ignore the negative comments. “I also taught him to ignore comments. I’ve been a social media influencer since the age of 12, so I know how it works. »

“We get a lot of support from women, but a lot of hatred from men. The trolls always said he was my sugar daddy, but I didn’t care. However, this can sometimes bother David, so we appreciate the positive feedback we receive. »

In the future, the couple hopes to have children and start a family.

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