The Maltese Bichon: origin, size and character

An adorable little dog par excellence, the Maltese is a pet for the whole family.

the Maltese a small dog that is simple to train and easy to live with. He loved children as much as the elderly. Known for his ironic health, the Maltese Bichon needs regular grooming sessions, necessary for his well-being.

His origin

The origin of the Maltese bichon is very ancient.

the of maltese origin date back to antiquity, from the 4thand century BC. There have been many representations of it over the centuries, from the Roman Empire to the present day. It is a very common dog in the Mediterranean area.

Before becoming a companion dog, it was intended to hunt rats and pests near ports. Contrary to popular belief, its name does not come from the island of Malta, but from Melita, a city located in Sicily.

This is different from the dog than about group 9joy and companion dogs.

His character

The Maltese Bichon is very affectionate with its master and its surroundings.

If he is more intelligent, the Maltese is also known for his calm.

He was very loving to his master and his surroundings. Depending on his level of intimacy, he may show a certain confidence. Unless they are accustomed to being alone from their first months of life, the Maltese bichon just enough to value moments of solitude.

With easy training, he showed obedience and obedience. However, his education must be done from an early age: he must know what is allowed and what is not.

Aside from daily walking, it requires little physical exercise.

His physical characteristics

The Maltese is recognizable by its white coat.

Small in size, the Maltese is easily recognizable, thanks to the more silky white coat.

It weighs between 3 and 5 kilograms for the length of the free ones not to exceed 25 cm. His head is well proportioned to his body.

The color was dark, his eyes were round and a bit dim. The fact remains that the Maltese Bichon has a more expressive appearance. Like its ears, its tail is short and kneeling.

That’s the price

In general, the price in a Maltese will vary between € 1,300 and € 1,500 for an animal registered in the LOF (French stud book). Some dogs with a high pedigree can cost as much as $ 2,500 or more.

Each month, the average budget for his food is estimated at almost thirty euros.

His health

If it is small in size, the Maltese Bichon even has one solid construction. Its life expectancy is usually 13 to 15 years.

However, it is susceptible to some pathologies, such as heart disease, eye infections and cancer. Her gums and teeth are weak and need regular checkups.

Due to the lack of physical exercise he did, the Maltese quickly gained weight. In addition, it does not support large temperature differences, harsh winters such as heat waves.

Adopting an animal reassures you, it’s a decision you need to think about very carefully. Don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian or the residence nearest you before starting. They can give you their advice on which dog breed is best for you.

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