Elden Ring: a huge dragon as dangerous to your HP as your CP!

news tips Elden Ring: a huge dragon as dangerous to your HP as your CP!

Seeing a large sleeping dragon surrounded by many other small but wide dragons, the average Elden Ring player can have two reactions. Run as far as you can, or pick up his weapon before rushing to the pile. The modders of Elden Ring, on the other hand, have a different idea …

If you’ve explored the Caelid region, and especially Draconic Mound, you won’t forget Greyoll, the Elder of the Dragons.. This optional boss is one of the largest creatures in the Elden Ring, but luckily it’s stuck to the ground and there’s nothing to do even if you attack it.. Actually, the difficulty with this optional boss is in the group of dragons that surround it and where, they, will not hesitate to attack you if you are too close. But where most players see a non -moving dragon as a perfect killing opportunity, the PC modding community in Elden Ring just saw an opportunity to spice up the combat by waking it up.


  • Not the size that matters
  • Is it a bird? Is it an airplane? This is a huge dragon!

Not the size that matters

It is not uncommon in the Elden Ring to find (many) larger versions of other original small creatures.. Also in the Caelid area, for example, there is a large jar (called “The Great Jar”) that will test you if you talk to it. If you’ve been exploring the Underworld for a long time, you may be reminded of another jar that says Alexander’s name. Even if the Big Jar doesn’t work in the original game, it’s coded the same way as this version which is twelve times smaller.and this information that Zullie the Witch, content creator and modder behind the video above, retained.

By slightly changing the game files, he created a mod to animate these large versions of the original non-moving creatures. Thus, he was able to put Grande-Jarre straight at his feet, and even forced him to attack. However, the latter does not appear to have a hitbox, either to carry or take attacks. Animating this large ceramic pot therefore has no real use other than the pleasure of watching a 34 meter long jar move in front of you. For Elder of the Dragons, on the other hand, this is a different story..

Is it a bird? Is it an airplane? This is a huge dragon!

If Zullie the Witch’s mod works in Great Jar, it also works in Greyoll. And as many will tell you you have to make a beautiful animal. 86 meters long, 182 meters long, and 261 meters with wings spread, more than three times larger than the Elder Dragon from Dark Souls III, which measured “only” 25 meters! But where the mod comes into its own is that Doyenne just can’t wake up. Take an example from the little dragons that protect him, he will also start attacking you and use the same actions as his younger brothers.

However, if you want to try the mod to solve such a behemoth, be warned: the game was clearly not made for such a fight. Too big for his surroundings, the Dragon Elder struggles to move correctly, and if his attacks damage your health bar, they can also damage your computer.. As he refuses to join you in a crazy fight, the latter may feel even more pressure to watch the big dragon and complete crash of the game. Feel free to try if you want it, but as much to tell you you definitely can’t come out unscathed.

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