a columnist balances his very tense relationship with Mylène Farmer…

on TPMP, we can hear wonderful things about our favorite stars. In fact, when a friend of Baba’s dropped a XXL scoop on Mylène Farmer, we were hallucinating!

Wind of panic at TPMP!

It’s been twelve years TPMP anaa. At the house of Objeko, we didn’t see that happen. Initially in France 4, the program was settled in C8. And there is consecration for Baba. In addition, to avoid the fatigue of his fanzouzes, Cyril Hanouna brings changes to his team every now and then. Since 2018, Nicolas Pernikoff has helped him translate the ratings. Given his experience, it’s best that he can tell why a show is working … or not. For example, it was the first to rise when it appeared that Koh-Lanta would air on Tuesday instead of Friday. Of course, because of the success of Dance with the stars hope mask singer, both seasons were able to stand out. The opinion of this communication pro can often make a difference to others. On the radio, for a travel booking site or even PAF, he usually has the last word! However, at the beginning of his career, this was not the case. He would also tell us about this moment that would have changed his life. It’s all because of a Mylène Farmer!

If we need to change it…

In the early 2000s, Nicolas Pernikoff was in charge TV monitoring. Even today, the hard -working columnist TPMP This passage is considered one of the strongest moments of his professional life. And with good reason, it will open the doors of public service to him. Becoming the head of entertainment and games for France 3, he was asked by France 2 to watch the runs. The result was so conclusive that he would get a promotion that no one expected, including those around him. From 2005 to 2011, he managed the entire group of France Télévisions.

With our friend Jordan de Luxe, guests are used to being let go. In fact, the ex-journalist of Non stop people even got the exact retirement amount of a politician. And not just anyone because it’s Jean-Marie Le Pen. That tells you its impact on VIPs. Instead, Nicolas Pernikoff followed the exercise. At this point, he doesn’t compare all the programs he chooses to put on the air. This consultant role, he has already done enough TPMP. On the other hand, by revealing behind the scenes of his crossing the desert, he will inevitably surprise the reader of Objeko. No one would believe it was possible that he started out as a simple driver, not in a room, but in a car!

… This TPMP columnist will avoid!

Of all the stars he took from A to B, the beloved of TPMP did not bring Mylène Farmer to his heart. “JI crossed him two, three times. Bad time in my life, because he was hard on me “Why is there so much hatred? The mystery remains untouched. Considered an idlas woman, she played with her paradoxes to pique the curiosity of the fans. Since it has worked perfectly for almost 40 years, Objeko wondered why the mayonnaise was not brought by Nicolas Pernikoff.

Tired of being bullied by this star as well as some he didn’t name, Nicolas Pernikoff quit this food job. She didn’t know how to explain it, but she felt that something bigger was waiting for her. And he was right. When he was still an executive at NRJ, he met the redhead singer. She knew him. Very quickly, ” little inconvenience »Settled between them. Concerned about restoring the truth, he declared. ” He had little to do with it, at the time his publisher Bertrand Lepage. » Gradually, the mystery disappeared. Was she manipulated by her trusted man? We will never know! In conclusion, one almost every night at C8 makes a shocking observation. ” it not the most beautiful moment of my life. » Reassure him. Now, all is well and truly behind. He has nothing left to prove to anyone… except himself! More in the next issue and see you soon for new adventures!

Thanks to our partner Jordan de Luxe

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