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If the series Euphoria a brutal and shocking experience, Sex Education a colorful and sometimes bitter cocktail, Can control the heart is a soothing cup of tea sweetened with honey. Netflix’s new “teen” series is perhaps the most inspiring creation this year on television, a tender and touching love story between two teenagers, adapted from a popular very graphic novel.

He is a 27-year-old British author and illustrator Alice Osman who was the originator of this story that won the hearts of Anglo-Saxon readers before seducing the world. This series follows the new romantic relationship between Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson. A love story between an obviously gay teenager and less famous but surrounded by loving family and friends and the most sporty boy in high school who discovers his bisexuality.

Unlike other stories in the genre, the release of these teens is not central to their pain and intrigue. Sexual orientation is an element of the rest. The weight of the couple’s discretion, violence and harassment is discussed however Can control the heart does not provide a dramatic vision. You won’t find here the traditional things that always accompany these stories: sex, insults, family rejection, religious pressure … Can control the heart suggest brighter world and perhaps more in line with the reality of today’s British youth. A young person who still has to deal with homophobia in society but has made a lot of progress and learned.

Can control the heart very cunningly working on the question of the daily microaggressions that LGBTQ+ people still suffer today, including in “friendly” environments. False curiosity, ignorance, internalized fears, traumatic memory … All of this is dealt with with great skill by the screenwriters.

In love and friendship

But incomprehensible Can control the heart which through the social prism completely misses the soul of the series. Can control the heart above all love story. She’s sweet and beautiful not “wanky”, also strong and she doesn’t rely on excessive dramatization that allows her to remain reliable and speak directly to the public. Joe Lockewhich comprises the main character, a joy of discovery. Kit Connor playing the little local rugby star, Nick, shines with charm. His role, light years away from the restrained player to make boxes to hide his fears, is even more invigorating. Sweet, smiling, calm, loyal … The audience can’t help but fall in love with the single.

Even if she only had a few scenes in the first season, we have to tell you about one of Nick’s playing mothers, the multi-award-winning actress. Olivia Colman (The Crown, The Favorite, The Father) which is still unbelievably accurate. The relationship between the parents (almost always kind) and their little lost teenagers is also a new angle and relatively little has been worked on in these series.

Finally, the other strong element in this series 8 stages is to describe the dynamics of a group of friends, in a high school, when hormones start to do their job. The conflicts of loyalty, jealousy, misunderstanding … The bonds that unite all the characters are just as important (even more important) than the love story between Nick and Charlie. Man, Elle, Tara, Darcy, Issac completely go beyond their labels of lesbian, trans, pansexual or other characters … Can control the heart offers a rainbow of characters who do not restrain themselves from being purely militant or community work. Can control the heart proudly “queer” but above all deeply universal. It’s also an engaging series, showing the path taken (and the one left), a series that many older viewers would have wanted to discover when they were the age of its heroes.

A season 2?

There are still, at the end of this season 1, many characters to check out. Since season 1 is off to a very good start, it wouldn’t be surprising if there were a series of acts. Alice Oseman revealed that she was thinking about giving a season 2 of Can control the heart. “I want to see a lot of times. I think there are obvious stories to tell. There are other books that we haven’t covered,” he said. Patrick Walters, one of the series’ producers, is very much in its direction in the Variety columns: “Alice has so much material! So, of course, we’re looking at what the future holds”.

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