Love stories in 2 sentences (1st part)

With the signing of Rémy Cabella, MHSC continues the tradition of returning former players. relate

Jean-Marc Valadier

(1976-1978 then 1982-1989)

If we go back in time, Jean Marc Valadier was one of the first players in La Paillade history to defend the club’s colors twice. Arriving at just 19 years old, in 1976, the former striker first shone in 2 seasons in D2 with teammates like Ouattara, Gasset or Chauvry. After leaving Lyon and then Monaco, Jean-Marc Valadier then returned to Montpellier, in a management role, this time in 1982. Coming to bring his experience to the generation of Laurent Blanc, Pascal Baills and Kader Ferhaoui, he went on to write his legend, thus becoming the 3rd top scorer in Hérault club history with 70 goals. He hung up his crampons at the end of the 1988-89 season.

Jean-Marc Furlan

(1978-1979 then 1986-1987)

Trained at Girondins de Bordeaux, Jean-Marc Furlan has two spellings of La Paillade. After a busy season in 1978-79, this central defender left the club for Laval. Eight seasons later, he made a cautious comeback as he appeared on the match sheet only 3 times a year in the D1 rise.

faouzi mansouri

(1981-1983 then 1985-1986)

The Algerian international, who was in the 1982 and 1986 World Cups, Faouzi Mansouri played for the first time for 2 seasons at Paillade SC, before leaving Mulhouse. He returned to play for the last season of his career at Hérault, where he met his teammate of choice, Karim Maroc.

pascal’s bail

(1981-91 then 1995-2000)

Collectively unconscious, he has long been associated with the club that Pascal Baills has always thought spent his entire career at MHSC. However, this is not entirely true. Trained at MHSC alongside generation Laurent Blanc, Kader Ferhaoui and the Passi brothers, Pascal first participated in MHSC’s return to D1 in 1987 before helping the Hérault team stabilize the elite and then winning the Coupe de France 1990 and to participate in the epic World Cup in 1991. He even honored his first team selection in France against Albania the same year. An international fortune that attracted the prestigious OM during the Tapie era. After a year spent at Canebière, he spent 2 at Strasbourg, before returning to the club in 1997. The next three seasons, ” Pascalou ” guided the young generation of Montpellier to bring- on their total to 429 games played under orange. and blue tunic, the most cap player in the club’s history for more than 20 years, before Souleymane Camara stole this first place from him on the night of the French Cup match against Caen during the winter of 2020. A member of the club’s management since the end of his career, Pascal is without question one of the major guarantees of Paillade’s spirit.

Bruno Carotti

(1991-1995 then 2001-2009)

Trained at the club, Bruno was one of the gondola heads of the bottle generation that led MHSC to the end of the 1994 French Cup alongside Fabien Lefèvre, Jean-Christophe Rouvière or even Jérôme Bonnissel. Highly desired – like all members of this generation full of future seasons – he then joined French champion Nantes in the summer of 1995, playing in the process of a Champions League semi -final with the Canaries against at Juventus in 1996 Sometimes midfielder, sometimes central defender, Bruno then continued his career at PSG, Saint-Étienne then Toulouse. When TFC filed for bankruptcy, more than 20 years ago (during the summer of 2001), Nicollin’s family helped him by offering to return home to help the Hérault club, so that just promoted to Ligue 1. Eight years ago, including five in L2, Bruno left the scene as a rising elite player, but he hasn’t left it entirely because he has since occupied duties as Sporting Director at the Pailladin club. His total of 377 games played in 12 seasons make him the 3rd most played player in club history.

kader ferhaoui

(1982-1993 then 1996-1998)

The number rose to D1 in 1987, but especially with the win during the Coupe de France 1990 since he became the scorer in the final, Kader Ferhaoui also made two innings within the Montpellier club. Launched by the elite in the late 1980s, the native Lunel first grew up in Montpellier with the achievements mentioned above, he also participated in the European Cup before leaving the club for the first time to join AS Cannes. A not too far away first trip, to the Côte d’Azur, which lasted only 2 seasons, before returning to La Paillade between 1996 and 1998 to join the Top 5 of the most numerous players in the history of club with 349 games played at The MHSC for 41 purposes scored. He immediately ended his career elsewhere, but not too far from Montpellier because it was under the command of a Robert Nouzaret, known in Montpellier, whose Kader was crowned best player in D2 in 1999, as captain of AS Saint-Étienne team. . He ended his career a few months later, after last freelance at Red Star. Returning to the Montpellier coaching staff some time ago, she now coaches the club’s U19 girls.

Jean-Christophe Rouviere

(1993-1999 then 2001-2005)

At the time of his departure, to join the French champions Bordeaux, during the summer of 1999, everyone at the club knew that Jean-Christophe Rouvière would return sooner or later to Montpellier, as he had left a beautiful mark on the bottom of the club jersey. .from his hometown. Mentioned for the first time just six months after his move to Gironde, this return will finally take two seasons to complete. After his first season at Bordeaux, he joined Toulouse the following year, before leaving Ville Rose alongside Bruno Carotti after the Haut-Garonne club filed for bankruptcy in the summer of 2001. He will then remain four more seasons in Hérault (three in Ligue 1, one in Ligue 2) for a total of 340 games played on the Montpellier jersey. Leaving to end his career at Nîmes, he returned to the club as Development and Merchandising Director, a position he now holds.

Philippe Flucklinger

(1990-1991 then 1994-1999)

During his career Philippe Flucklinger knew only 2 regions: Eastern France and Montpellier! Passed by Merlebach, Strasbourg and Abbeville, the Franco-Swiss doorman spent his first season in Montpellier as an understudy of Claude Barrabé during the 1990-91 season. Then left to spend 3 seasons at Metz (1991-1994), he returned to MHSC as an understudy of Claude Barrabé, who took over in the fall of 1995. He then became an understudy again when MHSC recruited anhing Bruno Martini. ” Fluck ” ended his career in 1999, after 65 games at MHSC.

delay of Philippe

(1992-2000 then 2005-2010)

“Leaving the club with a relegation in Ligue 2 has hurt me so much, that I want to fix it by joining the elite club’s rise”. With these sincere words Philippe Delaye spoke his return to the club in the summer of 2005, before pronouncing the same sentence on the night of the accession match against Strasbourg, 4 years later. After La Paillade was attracted for the first time between 1993 and 2000 by the quality of his passes, by his outlook on the game and above all by his impeccable state of mind, it is written that Philippe Delaye will one day return to MHSC. Party in Rennes during the summer of 2000 had a very good time on a personal level where he sadly could not avoid relegation to his favorite club, Philippe then developed into Bastia and Istres. Mentioned for the first time in 2004, his return to Montpellier finally came a year and a half later. At that time, during the summer of 2005, Philippe returned to the club with the status of technical leader of a team floundering at the 2nd level of French football. Two difficult seasons will follow, including one where Philippe will be one of the survivors of the Pailladin club from relegation to the Nationals … Then, it will be time to rebuild until the rise to Ligue 1 during this famous match on May 29 2009 against Strasbourg. The author of a cannonball ending that season, Philippe will be one of the key elements in returning Montpellier residents to the elite. Then he would end his career in the final season of Ligue 1. Praised for his human qualities and his great knowledge of football, it is almost reasonable that Philippe Delaye immediately joined the Montpellier staff of which he is now the coordinator. jock. His record as a player at MHSC: 303 games in all competitions for 47 goals, making him the 8th most sought after player in club history.

Tomorrow, find the rest of this historic file dedicated to the players wearing the MHSC jersey in 2 passages within the club

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