Inside Elon Musk’s strange life as the world’s richest man – from Grimes’ ‘smooth’ relationship to life in a ‘£ 50,000 house’ – Reuters

HE is the richest man on Earth, with an estimated fortune of £ 210billion, and he has now replaced the global chat Twitter.

But Elon Musk – who spent £ 33billion on his latest acquisition – has recently revealed the hidden heartache behind his beautiful fortune.

Musk and Grimes met on Twitter and had a ‘smooth’ romanceCredit: Getty
Musk, pictured with his son X, has seven childrenCredit: Getty

Speaking in a Ted Talk interview, he gave a unique look at his past when he admitted he was bullied as a child because of his Asperger syndrome.

“Actually, I didn’t have a happy childhood,” he said. “It’s very difficult.”

The tech mogul added that the condition, which means that sufferers have difficulty understanding social notifications and have smooth and strict patterns of thinking, is a ‘gift’ because it brings him a career. on the computer.

“I think most people don’t want to type weird symbols on a computer all night on their own,” he said.

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“They thought it wasn’t fun, but I think it was. I really like that. I would program all night on my own and found it to be a lot of fun. But I don’t think that’s normal. ”

Since then, Musk’s life has been very little “normal” – from his “smooth” relationship with rapper Grimes, with a secret surrogate child and separate homes, to his plan to colonize the Mars.

Enjoying the unusual, the 50-year-old tycoon, who previously smoked a webcast, claims to have sold or given away all his houses and assets and moved into a £ 50,000 house owned by his company, SpaceX.

He was also plagued by tragedy – losing his first child to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome before returning to IVF to have twins and then triplets with his first wife Justine.

His determination to take over Twitter came from his position as a self-proclaimed “free speech absolutist” and an enthusiastic anti-reawakening agenda.

But the Tesla boss-who recently announced his new job title “Techno-king”-seems to have a desire for world domination that may have come from a lonely childhood.

Secret surrogate baby and separate life

Surprisingly, her love of Twitter sparked her romance with musician Grimes – real name Claire Elise Bucher – whose 16 -year -old son is.

The couple was hit by it when he messaged her in response to a tweet he wrote about Roko’s thinking experiment at Basilisk.

In May 2020, they adopted their first son but immediately sparked controversy over the choice of the name-X Æ A-12-and were forced to change it to X AE A-XII by the California authorities because it there are symbols not included in the alphabet.

A year later, Musk said the couple was “semi-separated but still in love with each other, always seeing each other and on good terms.”

Despite the separation, the couple used a surrogate to give birth to their daughter, Exa Dark Siderael – also known as Y – who was born in December.

They hid her birth, only to admit she existed when a reporter heard a baby crying upstairs in their house in March.

When forced, she admitted she had a daughter and explained that the serious complications of her first pregnancy meant they didn’t want to risk a second.

Explaining their on-off relationship, Grimes added: “There’s no real word for it.

“I might call him my boyfriend, but we’re very fluid. We lived in different houses. My best friends. See you often … We just have something of our own, and I don’t expect others to understand it.

“This is the best thing ever done…. We just have to be free.
He also revealed that the couple wants to have “at least three or four” children.

The relationship is always unusual, with the couple constantly talking – and fighting – on Twitter.

In May 2020, when Musk promised to donate all his material possessions, he tweeted “My boyfriend is mad at me.”

The tycoon admitted he wanted to get rid of “things” because people attacked him for his luxurious lifestyle, and added: “I think possessions can weigh you down.”

He acquired a portfolio of properties worth £ 100 million, including a £ 24 million Bel Air mansion, four other Los Angeles properties worth £ 50 million and a ranch house that was previously rented. comic book owner Gene Wilder.

He admitted he lived in a £ 50,000 house in Texas owned by his company, Space X.

But last year Forbes admitted he actually lived in a luxury £ 10million mansion in Austin owned by wealthy friend and Paypal partner Ken Howery and had visited other mansions in the area.

Alone Persecuted for Asperger’s Syndrome

Musk, who was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa, admits he felt isolated from society while growing up, adding: “For me, social notifications are not intuitive.

“I tend to take things very literally, only the words spoken are exactly what they mean.

Elon Musk smokes marijuana live on the web
Elon Musk smokes marijuana live on the webCredit: YouTube/POWERFULJRE

“I’ve known that for a long time. I was harassed a lot.

“I read a lot, a lot of books. Gradually, I understood better because of the books I read and I watched a lot of movies. It takes me a while to figure out things that most people can understand intuitively.

Bullying and social isolation led Elon to sell his first computer program at the age of 12 and found Paypal, which he sold for £ 138million in 2002.

Her relationship with dad Errol, whom she lived with after her parents separated when she was eight, was also a source of pain.

“He’s a terrible guy,” Musk told Rolling Stone. “Almost every crime you can think of, he committed. Almost every bad thing you can think of, he did. ”

When he left home at the age of 17 to start a new life in Canada, his father told him he would come back with his tail between his legs and called him a “fool”.

Musk met his first wife, Justine Wilson, in college and they were married in 2000. Two years later, they welcomed their first son, Nevada, but the child died just 10 weeks later.

In a rare look at his pain, in 2018 he told a grieving father whose son died in a Tesla crash that there was nothing “worse than the loss of a child.”

“My oldest son died in my arms. I felt his last heartbeat, ”he added.

The couple used IVF to have five more sons – Griffin and Xavier, now 18, and 17 -year -old triplets Kai, Saxon and Damian – before parting ways in 2008.

Justine later accused her of trying to make her a “trophy wife” and said she was “sucking”.

“I’m not interested in Botox, makeup, or reducing the appearance of my C-section scars,” she told Marie Claire.

“And no matter how many highlights I had, Elon forced me to be blonder. ‘Go platinum,’ he kept saying, and I refused.”

Double marriage and grief were heard

Musk went on to marry British actress Talulah Riley – twice.

Musk married his actress girlfriend in 2010 but two years later they divorced. “Four remarkable years have passed. I will love you forever. You can make someone happy one day, ”he tweeted.

He is married to British actress Talulah Riley TWICE
He is married to British actress Talulah Riley TWICESource: AP

Even if they remarried in 2013, Musk filed and withdrew a second divorce petition in 2014.

However, Riley filed for divorce in 2016, which ended later that year.

He told People magazine: “We still see each other all the time and take care of each other.”

Musk dated actress Amber Heard for a year and broke up in 2017, causing the billionaire businessman to grieve.

“I really love it and it hurts so much,” he told Rolling Stone. She was later accused of having an affair with him during her rocky marriage to Johnny Depp, a charge they denied.

PayPal founder - pictured with CEO Peter Thiel - made his first million from sales
PayPal founder – pictured with CEO Peter Thiel – made his first million from salesCredit: AP: Associated Press

Twitter controversies

Musk’s latest business move is probably a natural progression for someone who has caused a lot of controversy on Twitter-often tweeting from his bathroom.

In August 2018 he announced he had funds to get Tesla private at £ 330 per share – but was fined £ 15m after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) concluded the tweets were baseless and hurtful. investor.

Elon’s childhood was unhappy
Elon’s childhood was unhappyCredit: Twitter/@mayemosk

A year ago, he was sued for libel after calling British cave diver Vernon Unsworth, who helped rescue 12 Thai students from a cave, a “pedo guy”. Unsworth lost the case.

He also allowed criticism during the pandemic for lowering the severity of Covid-19 and opposing lockouts.

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His ownership of the platform has now spawned theories that “canceled” users like Donald Trump and the conspiracy theory that Alex Jones will be allowed to return to Twitter.

Whatever direction Musk chooses, there must be some surprises on his arm.

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