Gardois Alain Godon, nature lover and always looking for new ways

THE PORTRAIT ON SUNDAY. Walking shoes and hand poles, the enthusiastic septuagenarian discovers the joy of walking for a woman’s beautiful eyes. Since then, he has swallowed miles of panache.

Her sharp blue eyes glistening with wickedness, she suppressed a laugh when asked about the origin of her love of walking. While one can easily imagine that he is a brave child who devotes himself with joy and curiosity to the pleasures of walking with family, he is mad, sad. “I’ve always hated walking. I don’t see the point of it.”

26 hiking books

But as the years went by and meeting a beautiful woman helped, it was almost so frank that he finally shocked himself that he was grateful to put one foot in front of the other in the middle of nature. About 25 years ago, Alain Godon, 77 funny and spicy springs, was the talented author of 26 books discussing hiking of all kinds, for all ages, tastes and all. physical ability.

Since then, there hasn’t been a week without Angevin, the free and independent eldest of a brother in five minutes, wearing his walking boots and holding on to his poles to find a bag. the path to be discovered by its readers.

About 100,000 kilometers have already been traveled

“I usually go out two and three times a week. As I get older, I have to slow down a little bit.”, he said, laughing. This is so that in two and a half decades, man can travel about 100,000 kilometers. Sorry a little. A lifelong sportsman, lover of thrills and unconditional in wide open spaces, Alain’s preference for hiking is the scenery that comes alive with every step in front of his eyes.

Scenes as far as the eye can see. The smells of nature. And wild noises, far from civilization and chaos. I always sit on a rock and stay there for a quarter of an hour listening to the birds and appreciating the smells that rise from the ground. “

A seriously studied course

Nose in the wind and looking far ahead, the adopted Vergézois can swallow impressive distances. Like crossing France for example. Regardless. At the end of the theory. For if man is naturally playful and likes to excel himself by challenging himself, he will never leave without studying the course seriously beforehand.

Numerous IPN cards spread all over his house, “I don’t care. I live alone. No one will complain that I will leave a mess behind me”. He spends a lot of time figuring out which route to take depending on the purpose he has set for himself.

A guide for mountain biking or hiking

So too was the birth of his first courses in glossy paper. Not the type to walk twice in a row and check out from the hammock, Alain quickly realized that bookstores were sorely lacking in a hiking guide section. Whether by bike or on foot.

I always thought you should know how to make your moments rather than wait for them to run out.

Just don’t. “I always thought it was necessary to create opportunities instead of waiting for everything to cook. So I wrote to three publishers who offered them a guide listing different routes on mountain bikes or hiking. They all told me that all three were. replied that they are very interested in working together. “

Contrary to what he says in his letters, the guide in question is still in the making and not a written walk. “In three months I wrote it all down.” At the time, director of training at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nîmes, he spent every hour of his free time exploring the territory to find routes that would be able to entice hiking lovers.

The Cévennes and the Alpilles inspired him

And through the dint of work and perseverance, carrying some sort of evidence, he listed the required number of itineraries for his first book. Success is immediate. And orders from publishers flooded. So when retirement at 55 came to him, he embraced it enthusiastically and dedicated himself to his new passion. The Cévennes and the Alpilles inspired him.

And if more than 25 years after this famous hike as a first amorous date in the valley of Les Arcs in Hérault, it was hard for him to find the virgin trails, he was still happy. to sink the tent passages in the back. . Because Godon is a solitary species that enjoys silence. Good food with friends from the tennis club or walks organized with a good team, why not. But on the condition of knowing when it will start and especially when it will stop.

“Wild Animal Hunter”

I am an epicurean and I really enjoy sharing a good meal. It’s too late if I go out. I had quick contact and the joy of shared puns. But I like to be with myself afterwards. I don’t live “he decided.

Besides, when he was old enough to travel the streets to make books, he found himself completely “The wild animal hunter, a camera like a rifle. I go there, looking at the wonders of nature. In peace.“Free.

Midi Columnist Free

He is the pen who, for more than 20 years, has offered Midi Free readers the opportunity to stretch their legs as the region is discovered thanks to the ballads he has written for the newspaper. An adventure that starts on the nerves.

“The Gazette published a walking section at the time. It was a very good initiative. At least one or two, I went to see the editor-in-chief of La Semaine de Nîmes, the weekly Midi Libre with offices on rue Séguier in Nîmes, to offer him my services to be able to as well.He accepted and since then I have been happy to always partner with Midi Libre and even to offer walking supplements with the title (see- pity the opposite). glad to see that despite the years the enthusiasm of the readers has continued. “

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