Two major illegal download sites have announced their closure

A thunderstorm in the world of illegal downloading and streaming, Zone-Telechargement and Tirexo are closing their doors. Both sites claim they will not return, with no specific reasons for this sudden disappearance.

French “pirates” would have to do without these two important illegal download and streaming sites. Zone-Telechargement, which specializes in illegal downloads, and Tirexo, which specializes in streaming, announced that they have stopped charges after several years of existence. At both sites, which are very popular in France, officials took to the floor to discuss this closure, which may come as a shock to many. “In these few lines we announce the closure of the ZT site. Yes it is the end no joke, everything is not eternal “, Can we read on the home page of Zone-Telechargement.

Zone-Telechargement announces its closure. © Screenshot/Journal of the Geek

It was pointed out that the closure was a concern “all old and new domains associated with our Zone Telechargement site (including ForumZT)” ; and “The database will be completely destroyed”. Finally, we learned that“no change/next” and this could be the biggest surprise for hackers and the warez scene. The site has already hit the headlines in 2016 with the first closure of this very popular site. Published, the case sheds all light on this important site for illegal download. The servers were arrested and the gendarmerie made several arrests.

Zone-Telechargement and Tirexo closed their doors

However, the famous site soon found the light. Many clones were born and the new Zone-Telechargement took the torch by constantly changing its name. The language is the same on the side of Tirexo which announces: “That’s where the adventure in Tirexo ends. Thank you all “.

On the portal of the (illegal) streaming site, one of the site administrators added: “You can get angry, yell, insult us (if we have a right to that, I have to delete the comment, it will hurt some people), it won’t take anything away from what we’ve done for us and you. Bye ». These two simultaneous announcements were shocking and officials did not specify the reasons that led them to stop the adventure. It is difficult not to see possible intervention by the French authorities; even if we wait for an official comment before finding out more.

On social networks, journalist Tristan Brushed indicated that the Association for the fight against audiovisual piracy (Alpa) does not want to comment “at this stage”.

A scourge for pirates?

Announcing the closure of two of the most notorious sites for illegal streaming or downloading is a blow to users. In recent years, piracy is likely to decrease following the decisions of the authorities and the increase in legal offer. After Netflix, platforms proliferated (Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, myCanal, etc.) to facilitate access to movies and series. Same observation in the music sector where Spotify, Apple Music as well as French Deezer or Qobuz are able to bury (illegal) downloads.

However, the recent increase in services and repeated price increases could have the opposite effect. Piracy sites have recovered in recent months as a platform like Netflix has lost subscribers.

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