Metaverse: Mars4 continues to develop it into an affiliate program

the Play-to-Earn Mars4 has introduced an affiliate program for anyone who wants to promote Mars4 to get a huge commission starting at $ 60 per sale.

An affiliate program for organic growth

Mars4 is a native blockchain virtual world divided into three interconnected parts. The MARS4 dollar (cryptocurrency), Mars plot NFTs, and the upcoming metaverse game. We already talked about Mars4 in October 2021, in this article.

Together, these three entities play an important role in creating a unique P2E survival game experience, set on the red planet. Through Mars4, users can see Mars in 3D. In the upcoming game, players will be able to explore their NFT land on Mars. As well as collecting various resources, sell them and earn money through the game.

These NFT lands are interactive and will serve as real estate in the future game. Meanwhile, NFT’s assets will soon be available for purchase, including tools and cosmetic items.

What is the connection between affiliate marketing and Mars4? This P2E identifies the need for a marketing strategy. That’s why Mars4 is launching an affiliate program. For anyone who wants to promote the project and get a number of commissions.

The colleagues promoted the sale of NFTs in the form of virtual plans of Mars generated from NASA data. NFT assets available in the game are also considered NFT sales for partners.

Source: Mars4

Mars4 is now available on KuCoin

The expansion of the MARS4 project has seen the token listed on KuCoin since the end of February. KuCoin is a reliable cryptocurrency exchange, used by over 11 million entrepreneurs in the world.

This list gives MARS4 customers more flexibility to purchase and sell tokens.

In addition, MARS4 is launching a program on staking accessible from the project website. KuCoin’s listing is fully consistent with the program’s launch staking. This gives investors more options for purchasing MARS4 tokens. The project is also listed on SushiSwap, Bittrex and Mexc. Many projects to follow in our Top 10 Metaverse Cryptocurrencies in 2022.

Mars4 raised $ 250,000 a day

Mars4 works with Epoch. It is a tiered system that rewards investors in stages. Thus they offer a better return on the first person who decides to invest. To familiarize potential investors, the Epoch system is more detailed below:

Investors who purchase Mars4 Land NFTs during or before the current Epoch (Epoch 1) will receive 51% of the proceeds from the next Epoch (Epoch 2), which will be distributed to Mars4 Tokens (“Mars4 dollars”) once after the sale of NFTs this Period.

The Epoch system ranges from Epoch 0 to Epoch 5, with each Epoch containing a specific NFT scope. At the end of an Epoch, the revenue generated by this Epoch will always be distributed to the owners of NFTs who have invested in all previous Epochs. This system is applied end-to-end, allowing investors holding previous Epochs to earn more returns.

With more than 56,000 NFTs sold, there are only about 3,000 NFTs left before the first phase of Epoch distribution. When Epoch 2 arrives, investors holding NFTs sold before Epoch 1 will receive 51% of Epoch 2 NFT sales revenue in March4 dollars.

Mars4 is one of the most promising projects in the term Play-to-Earn and metaverse. Space exploration and Mars are important themes for many crypto investors and for “DogeFather”, Elon Musk. So the project continues to progress on it and has generated more interesting announcements.

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