Economy | “Without our customers, we wouldn’t exist”, Anne Fontaine, Director of Customer Relations Jaguar Network / Free Pro


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A B2B subsidiary of the Iliad group, Jaguar Network / Free Pro provides IT, cloud and telecom services to all businesses, from the smallest to the largest. To address all the problems and use of its customers, the operator and host have created two classes of services, which are marketed under two different brands: Jaguar Network, the historic offer and Free Pro, launched a year ago.

Over the past three months, the company has merged the customer relations departments of two commercial brands to form one: the Customer Relations Department. So the latter ranges from Jaguar Network offers to Free Pro offers. In total, nearly a hundred employees support professionals, VSEs and large groups every day in their development strategy. Presentation with Anne Fontaine, Director of Customer Relations.

In your opinion, why is the customer relationship important for a company?

Often, customers are likely to be confused about the customer support relationship. However, this service is more than: protecting and enabling our company clients to improve their value. An ambition driven by the fact that the customer now occupies an entire area of ​​the Management Committee. It really has all the importance within the company, especially that our value is with our customers. The Jaguar Network / Free Pro would be 20 years old, but without our customers, we wouldn’t be. It is therefore important, even important, to represent them at the CoDir level.

What are the major challenges to your service?

They are relevant: we reject the company’s overall strategy at the Customer Relations level. The primary goal is to grow our customer base for all products and services. Our second goal is to simplify: to be simple at all levels to create and maintain this close link with our customers. Finally, the final major challenge is to streamline all of our processes – for Jaguar Network offers and for Free Pro offers – to be able to offer the same help to everyone. Regardless of their category or turnover, our customers value us the same.

However, the specific needs of a company can vary depending on its size. How do you respond to this?

One of our 2022-2024 goals is that our customer relationship will be “seamless”, i.e. a fluid customer relationship at all times in reality, regardless of the channel or media through which our customers come to us. . Our brand spirit and our service culture should apply to all of our customers in the same way. These are strong issues that we will address at all levels of the company. Our current setup allows us to be active, getting an investigation of the incident before it is realized by the customer. To avoid some problems, we put the tools and methods in place at the right time. This agility allows us to effectively support all of our customers, without suffering from a specific number of elements specific to traditional customer service. I always compare Customer Relations management to point guards handing out balls, to make sure the baskets are picked up. This is exactly what we do: we distribute these balls with known difficulties or misunderstandings, by disclosing a number of questions or feedback and, in turn, suggesting effective solutions to reduce customer effort and guarantee his satisfaction. That is our only goal!

What professions comprise the Customer Relations Department?

Our range of professions is so wide. There are professions that result from customer expertise centers, which have an exceptional quality of relationship. They meet our customers and help them every day. We also provide appropriate technical expertise. At the commercial level, operations account managers (ROC) perform a customized support mission, which is part of a highly detailed customer relationship. They are able to solve problems but also improve value for the company. Engineering professions are also added to the service, especially those related to voice and network. All of these entities are based in France, and primarily in Marseille, as required by our commitment.

Future recruitments?

A recruitment operation is underway to achieve our rapid growth: more than thirty positions are open in the Customer Relations Department professions. Above all, we are looking for employees who want to do well! The purpose: to ensure our progress and continue our efforts on various issues. If you are interested in these jobs, don’t hesitate to check out our recruitment page:!

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